Our Employees truly are our vision and our identity.

At PERRY proTECH, we pride ourselves in an ethical set of core values that touch everyone that we deal with from employees to vendors to clients. Each and every employee carries a small card that reminds us of our vision…

Recently our Employee-Owners voted on the values they believe are the most important to our culture and the PERRY proTECH core values:

  • 1) Accountability
  • 2) Exceed Expectations
  • 3) Integrity & Honesty
  • 4) Mutual Respect
  • 5) Teamwork
  • 6) Community
  • 7) Embrace Change
  • 8) Growth & Learning
  • 9) Think Like An Owner
  • 10) Enjoyable Workplace

“As employee owners, we are driven by client satisfaction and a relentless focus on our commitment to excel. We Aggresively pursue growth by building on our success and targeting our vision to the needs of our clients.”