Thank You from NWOEA

To Whom It May Concern:

Due to frustrating technical issues our company faced last Thursday, November 21, I feel compelled to write this e-mail letter to PERRY proTECH to inform you about the courteous and professional assistance I received to resolve our technical problems.

Two years ago the Northwestern Ohio Education Association (NWOEA) chose PERRY proTECH as the company from which to lease our office copy machine. Until last Thursday we had not encountered any problems. Unsure what to do about networking issues between our computers and with our Konica copier, I S.O.S'ed our PERRY proTECH sales rep. You cannot imagine how surprised and relieved I was when just a short time later she walked into our office to offer assistance. After evaluating our situation, she suggested I call the PERRY proTECH help desk. With less than 50 minutes until closing, I left a message at the help desk for Steve in Customer Care. For the second time on the same day I was surprised and relieved when Steve returned my call just a short time later. Going well beyond the call of duty and on his own time, Steve stayed on the line until 5:30 PM to courteously and expertly walk me through various checks and evaluations until he successfully got our business up and running again!!!

The quality of PERRY proTECH’s product (our Konica copy machine) is of utmost importance to our business, but it is the dedication and professional service we receive from PERRY proTECH employees that truly makes us a satisfied and loyal customer. Many thanks!!!!


Joyce Wisebaker
Executive Director

Compliments from National Bank of Oak Harbor


5225 North Secor Road
Toledo, Ohio 43623

Mr. Porter,

Someone deserves a compliment. It seems only fair to begin with you.

You introduced yourself a little more than five years ago. For the first three years, you patiently listened to my reasons for not wanting to do business with an additional vendor, while also noting my repeated concerns about the age of our "workhorse" printer in the bank's bookkeeping area.

In 2006, you were confident enough to submit several options to replace that printer. Curiously, you steered me to the most expensive printer. When challenged, you responded that it was the best option, based upon lower operating costs.

I had never heard of a Kyocera printer before. Nor do I have reason to ever forget how correct you were!

The installation was effortless; you had promised to handle all the details. The print quality was sharper than we were used to. The "expensive" toner cartridge turned out to be a misnomer, as we never get fewer than 60,000 pages per cartridge.

We appreciated your sale to us. We continue to trust you after the sale.


John A Harris
Executive Vice President
The National Bank of Oak Harbor

Appreciation from Mansfield Municipal Court


1560 West Fourth Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Dear Jim,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your dedication and commitment to providing us with the "Total Document Solution" that was long overdue. Your support after the sale has been phenomenal. Unlike many other providers, you have continued to provide the necessary assistance to fully utilize the equipment that we are using. On the rare occasion that we've had a problem, your organization was very expedient and thorough when correcting it.

I truly believe that the relationship we have formed with PERRY proTECH will be a long and successful one.


Jamie Wood
Court Administrator/Chief Probation Officer
Mansfield Municipal Court