3 Important Reasons to Switch from Outsourced Printing to an In-House Print Environment

In the general course of business, many companies produce large volumes of printed materials, ranging from marketing collateral to proposals, invoices, company letterhead, and other branded documentation. In addition, you may even invest in large banners, outdoor graphics, or even setups for trade shows and conferences. And, if you’re like most companies, you may outsource at least some of this collateral to a print shop.

Working with a print shop can not only slow down the time it takes to get your printed materials from the idea stage to the realization stage, but it also means you are probably spending significant money on markups and change orders to get the brand standard you are looking for. While you may think that you don’t have the print volume to justify an in-house printer, there are more elements to that equation that may just have you tipping the scales. An in-house printer, either wide-format, multifunction, or high-volume, can bring many advantages — including that of lowered costs — to your fingertips.

Advantages of an In-House Print Environment

Having an in-house print environment puts many benefits within reach, even for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and perhaps especially for them. Many SMBs find it difficult to capture the attention of their outsourced print partners, who are often more focused on print jobs from high-dollar companies. With in-house printing, your company has:

  1. More Control

Branding is critical for business recognition, particularly in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Using a signature color can help your company improve brand recognition by a whopping 80% — but that is only if the color is consistent across all branding. And that consistent presentation? It can net you a 33% increase in revenue if you can manage it across all channels. To ensure targeted brand color and brand consistency, it is critical to bring outsourced printing in-house. In-house printing ensures your colors and branding remain consistent across all platforms for unbeatable control — and outcomes.

  1. Less Stress and Better Response to Tight Deadlines

What if you are on a deadline for a customer proposal. They need a full-color multipage document bound and delivered. You have till midnight to get it in the mail, but your production print shop closes at 5. Now what? With in-house printing, you can keep your print efforts moving, regardless of the time. You control access to the machines, and you can respond to last-minute changes with ease.

  1. The Ability to Print on Demand

How many times have you had to ditch reams of marketing collateral because of a misreported figure or outdated statistics? With in-house printing, you no longer need to print high volumes of a brochure to get a discounted rate. You can print exactly what you need, when you need it. And you can print small numbers of collateral in case facts or figures shifts, saving you both time and money and ensuring you always have up-to-date materials ready for your salesforce.

Alongside that benefit, in-house production machines allow you to configure a workflow once and then save it, automating it for later use. In that way, sales reps can print proposals at the touch of a button, your HR team can print an employee handbook without having to recreate the wheel, and printing jobs can be delegated to interns or secretarial employees to reduce the load on more mission-critical staff.

Perry proTECH Can Help You Build a Productive In-house Print Environment

At Perry proTECH, we have built a business around exceptional quality printers and print production equipment. Our team of experts understand exactly how to match print equipment with your business needs and goals to create the perfect print environment for your business.

We will assess your current infrastructure alongside your needs, goals, and challenges to arrive at a cost-effective production print solution. Working with industry leaders such as Ricoh, HP, Lexmark, KIP, and Konica-Minolta, we can offer the widest range of print and imaging products from which you can choose. In addition, our team will not only help optimize your in-house print production center, but we can also provide ongoing service, maintenance, support, and supply replenishment. In this way, you can achieve a turn-key print operation with all the benefits listed above — without the ongoing struggle of dealing with unreliable outsourcing print shops.

Amplify your brand and simplify your print environment with an in-house print operation. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how our suite of production print equipment can help you.

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