4 Benefits of Cloud Content Management You Should Know

In today’s fast-paced world, organizational efficiency is critical for business success. Being efficient, or getting more done with fewer resources, can skyrocket productivity, boost revenues, and even increase morale among employees.

But many businesses — large and small — pass up higher-level systems such as content management and workflows that can contribute to increased efficiency, instead focusing on low-level tools that simply don’t pack the same punch. Content management makes organizations more efficient by helping staff in every department, at every level, do their jobs more effectively.

And cloud content management amplifies the power of simple content management to bring expanded, accessible, and tangible benefits to any business smart enough to take action and implement this strategy in their organization.

Cloud Content Management Brings Big Benefits to All Businesses

Cloud content management (CCM) offers a simple, secure way to ensure all of your teams can work together by centralizing cloud-native apps and services and combining them with superior governance and security. In creating this digital data hub, cloud content management offers benefits across business processes:

  1. Releasing Content’s Intrinsic Value

Unstructured information in the form of emails, paper and digital documents, videos, and others contains as much as 80% of the data companies need to do business. In fact, it is predicted that by 2025, 80% of data around the world will be unstructured, a trend that creates a challenge for the companies managing such data as it is difficult to find, analyze, and edit.

On premise content management systems can help manage this data, but not optimize it. Cloud content management, on the other hand, brings content in line with business processes, allowing staff to get the full value from each piece of content as it relates to their job — and the tasks of their colleagues.

  1. Expanding Collaboration at All Levels

CCM brings information to the people who need it, where they need it — at home, on the go, or in the office. With secure and scalable access, CCM systems ensure businesses can keep all team members on the same page, regardless of geographic location. The ability of CCM systems to bring information to any device helps facilitate digital transformation and jumpstarts innovation by simplifying collaboration.

  1. Integrating Content into Workflows and Processes

Horizontal processes such as contracts and case management, accounts payable and invoicing, and even correspondence management must be automated to relieve the burden on staff, increase customer service, and reduce the potential for human error. Integrating content management into these processes empowers employees at every level of the process and ensures information can be centrally managed and governed.

  1. Maximizing Security and Compliance

Information security is a high priority for all businesses, particularly with the incidence of cyberattacks increasing year-over-year. Data privacy and protection regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, and others put a heavy responsibility on companies to guard and monitor the usage of sensitive data. CCM offers a number of deployments — on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-only — that can be configured to suit the security needs of any organization.

Perry proTECH Can Put the Power of the Cloud to Work for Your Business

Managing content — especially content of a sensitive nature — can be a difficult task for any business unless you have access to a strong cloud content management system.

At Perry proTECH, we offer data center solutions that help maximize your company’s resources and boost productivity while ensuring that your data is protected by cutting-edge technology. Centralizing your information ensures better governance and provides clear visibility of data needs and usage across departments and locations. Our CCM systems can handle any size workload in any environment — and they’re easily scalable to keep up with your business as it grows.

Our CCM experts can deploy the right cloud services to suit your business needs, challenges, and goals — from on premises infrastructure to hybrid or cloud-only systems to ensure you get the right platform for the way you do business.

Make the move to smarter, more productive business. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our experts show you how is it is to get control of your data today.

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