Boost School Safety with State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance

In recent years, 80% of public education institutions recorded at least one — and sometimes more — incidents of theft, violence, or other crimes. In fact, during the 2017-18 school year, almost half of schools reported incidents to police authorities at a rate of about nine incidents for every 1000 students.

Bullying is also an issue, with over a third of students ages 13 to 15 experiencing bullying — with 16% of them experiencing physical bullying and over 11% experiencing sexual bullying. This type of harassment has long-term consequences on students’ mental health and can impair their ability to pay attention in the classroom.

To counter these issues and keep students — and staff — safer, many schools are turning to technology to prevent and respond to violence and other crimes that are risks to safety. One study conducted by the Rand Corporation showed that video cameras and video surveillance options where a high priority for schools interested in controlling school safety.

The Best Video Surveillance Tools for Schools

Video surveillance technologies such as video cameras with video analytics capabilities can help schools manage physical security risks to keep school buildings, visitors, students, and teachers safer. Today’s video security choices include a host of next-gen technologies that help mitigate physical security risks in a cost-effective manner. These can include:

  1. Camera System with Motion Detection

Motion detection is a critical tool for securing your school inside and out. Video camera systems that offer motion detection can help administrators with fast scanning capabilities that can increase response time when an incident occurs. When you set up a motion detection camera, it can detect when something has changed from one frame to another. You can set the sensitivity levels to ensure that you get alerted at the appropriate times and can respond to intrusion by unauthorized individuals.

  1. Technology for Low-Light Situations

Today’s smart security cameras offer leading-edge technology that helps security personnel make sense of incidents occurring in low-light situations. This feature is particularly useful for schools who run before and after-school programs and extra-curricular activities, but it can also serve an important purpose during power outages or other natural disasters.

In addition, low-light video cameras can help capture facial features, license plates, and other details that can be important if the event escalates and law enforcement becomes involved.

  1. Video Analytics

Video analytics that offer features such as advanced object detection can make zeroing in on critical events fast and accurate. Typical analytics include fixed algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) learning algorithms, and facial recognition technologies.

Using these technologies, school security personnel can easily detect someone moving in the wrong direction or in unauthorized spaces, picking up or leaving articles on school premises, loitering, and more.

Again, these analytics can be extremely important if an event requires intervention by law enforcement personnel.

  1. Integration with Infrastructure

When considering security cameras for schools, administrators should ensure that their camera system can integrate seamlessly with current infrastructure for ease of operation and to keep expenses to a minimum.

Today’s video surveillance choices typically offer integrative features that can help schools make the most of their existing security systems and infrastructure while keeping a close eye on budget requirements.

Your camera provider should be able to ensure that their security cameras and other tools are a good fit for your current system and infrastructure ahead of installation.

Perry proTECH Provides Leading-Edge Video Surveillance Tools for Education Organizations

Every school has specific needs, challenges, and requirements when it comes to video surveillance needs. That is why at Perry proTECH, we offer the widest range of video cameras, access control, and video surveillance options to our education clients.

Our suite of security cameras and options include next-gen features such as high-definition stream management for sharp, clear details — even in low-bandwidth situations; audio capabilities; low-light technology; infrared illuminators; and high-level video analytics. Features like advanced object detection and simple integration with your current infrastructure and even third-party applications make deployment fast, easy, and cost-effective.

As schools reopen this fall, keep your student population, staff, and visitors safer with advanced video surveillance options that are not only effective, but also budget friendly.

Be prepared for the upcoming school year with technology that can advance school safety. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how easy it is to add leading-edge video surveillance technology to your current security infrastructure.

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