Boosting Cloud Compliance for Healthcare

There’s arguably no technology that’s impacted healthcare as much as the cloud – and this has made cloud compliance one of the most important topics in the industry.

The flexible nature of the cloud is highly valuable in the changing healthcare sector. The digital transformation of the field’s processes has helped with patient care, staff augmentation, and more.

But as with any new technological implementation, there are concerns. The healthcare industry is like no other when it comes to compliance. So cloud computing must be adopted and maintained in a very strategic and careful manner.

To understand how to make compliance work in a cloud environment, healthcare organizations must first look closely at how they’re using the cloud and what it means for their field.

Why the Cloud is So Popular in Healthcare

Anyone who has ever worked in healthcare knows that the industry is fast paced and hectic.

Patient needs can’t always wait, even though a facility and its staff can only move so fast. Medical technology is usually optimized to respond to this type of demanding environment, and to be flexible.

The cloud allows companies to break free of onsite, centralized, one-size-fits-all systems that can limit their potential. This platform was designed to bring people and organizations together in a variety of configurations and circumstances.

Consider how fast the healthcare industry is changing. Over the past few years there have been many massive shifts. Distancing requirements, advancements in medical technology, adoption of new ways to work – these are just a few of the major changes that are easier to manage thanks to the cloud.

Given how the medical industry relies on largescale connectivity to bring networks of care providers, specialists, and assistants together, the cloud is the ideal platform to support a field that truly encompasses a collective effort.

But for all the flexibility and adaptability the cloud offers, there are some security risks that come with it. The security challenges of cloud computing are compounded by the high standards of modern healthcare compliance.

Healthcare Compliance Leaves No Room for Error

If the cloud could be called anything first and foremost, it would be a data-sharing tool. But in healthcare, data points are more personal and private than in most fields.

Sure, no company wants to have their data accessed by unauthorized parties. But given the fact that patient information is protected under legislation like HIPAA, healthcare administrators must be extra careful when sharing data.

Consider these examples where cloud compliance falls short, and what the consequences could be.

A medical facility is communicating with specialists within their network over a large distance. This means some endpoints could be outside of the facility’s main security protocols. Unless their cloud system is set up to protect data using identity governance and administration (IGA) functions, this could lead to data being compromised.

The same could be true in a scenario of remote patient monitoring. Even if a person’s device is only accessible by their loved ones at home, it could still constitute a compliance violation. This means even in the scenarios where the cloud connects care providers with patients themselves, strict compliance must be maintained.

Secure Data in a Changing Industry

One reason why cloud compliance is so tricky in healthcare, beyond the high standards of regulation, is the rate at which they evolve.

With new medical technology emerging in both device markets and facility management options, companies must relearn the rules for managing patient data in their digitally transformed environments.

Cloud compliance is a process that’s ongoing. There’s no one set of processes to complete and call it finished. This is why managed services make the compliance process much easier. One partner handling cloud services on all devices and in all departments helps a facility develop a uniform and consistent strategy for protecting patient data.

But it’s not enough just to find a partner that understands technology – they must also understand the compliance requirements of the healthcare field.

Cloud Compliance is Easy with the Right Partner

Healthcare compliance with cloud computing is a process that takes continual effort. But the result is a framework where facilities can operate with peak efficiency in the era of digital transformation – all while placing the security of patient and employee information as the absolute top priority.

Making the move to the cloud with critical applications is a big step for any healthcare facility. Perry proTECH understands the needs of this industry, and we deliver the perfect set of services for your facility. Manage cloud processes plus devices, documents, and more with IGA controls. Contact us for cloud compliance solutions that work.

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