Building Remote Resilience with the Right Equipment

After two years of dealing with disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, companies are finally settling into a new way of conducting business. The new work landscape looks decidedly different from its traditional counterpart, with many companies opting for a remote or hybrid workforce to keep business moving. As more employees demand work-from-home options from their employers, there is a growing need for workplaces changes such as better employee engagement strategies, more deliberate design, and flexible working opportunities.

But, for companies looking to fine-tune their hybrid environments, these factors must be balanced with tools and technologies that also help employees do their best work. Communication, collaboration, connection, and of course, security are all critical elements in a smart remote work strategy. For businesses wanting to build remote resilience into their work model, there are a host of tools that can assist.

3 Must-Have Tools You Need to Cultivate True Remote Resilience

For some larger companies, getting the IT help they needed to create a truly resilient remote workforce was easy. But for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this kind of business continuity was difficult to achieve at best — and impossible for some. That’s why many have turned to third party managed services providers (MSPs) for help. With access to some of the industry’s most forward-focused technology, MSPs can provide businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in a work-from-home world. Here are some of our favorites you can use to create a hard-hitting toolkit for your own remote workforce:

Managed IT

Seamless digital workflows are the backbone of remote resilience. When workers can (securely) access the data they need regardless of geographic location, they can continue to be productive. A good Managed IT partner will assess your current infrastructure and present ways to map workflows for best results. They will also provide the knowledge and tools necessary to help streamline business processes. Strategies can include optimizing printer fleets and infrastructure, setting up cloud services, securing data, and managing information as well as typical maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. Importantly, your partner will provide all the IT assistance you need for one reliable monthly payment, allowing you to more easily create a budget around your remote work needs.

Smart Printers and Print Management

Even if your employees are working from a home office, they still need access to a printer. Your MSP can help optimize your fleet of off-site printers or multi-function devices (MFPs) and keep them secure.

Managed print solutions (MPS) can help reduce paper waste, monitor usage, and scan for suspicious activities. It can also allow an administrator to set controls on output and ensure that supplies are sent to each printer exactly when they are needed to keep employees up and running.

Document Management

Information is at the core of every business operation. For remote and hybrid environments it is critical that staff can find, share, edit, and manage all the document necessary for a seamless workflow. Being able to communicate with and collaborate on documents effortlessly is not only crucial for business timing — it is essential part of keeping employee frustration to a minimum.

A document management solution (DMS) allows for fast, secure sharing of documents over multiple locations, without the need for cumbersome filing systems. Using a DMS can improve company efficiency, reduce logjams and slowdowns associated with misfiling or mis-versioning, and keep data properly secured for compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

Let Perry proTECH Amplify Your Resilience

In today’s rapidly evolving hybrid workspaces, resilience is the key to business continuity. As the trend toward remote work continues to change, more businesses are looking for ways to amplify the efficiency and productivity of their work-from-home staff. Being able to offer a secure hybrid work environment is a great way to attract the best talent to your company.

At Perry proTECH, our team of Managed IT experts has assembled all the tools you need to successfully navigate the new normal of a hybrid or remote workforce. Not only do we have in-house expertise to help you carefully craft a sound —and secure — hybrid environment, but we also have all the tools and technologies that can amplify your results.

Gain the remote resilience you need to stay competitive. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discuss how our knowledge base and suite of tools can help you develop a hybrid environment that really works!

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