Businesses Need Intelligent Security to Thwart Post-COVID Theft

With COVID-19 still impacting consumer shopping habits, today’s businesses need to look to their bottom lines to ensure continued financial health in our evolving post-COVID environment.

Strategies to keep revenue high include emphasizing omnichannel sales, offering increased safety measures in-store, and providing customers with curbside and contactless product pickup options.

But one other especially important way to keep finances strong is to control losses from theft or incursion from individuals or even organized crime. Interestingly, organized retail crime has cost businesses up to $1 billion in sales in 2019 — and it is still on the rise.

At the same time, businesses are dealing with increases in return fraud, internal theft, cybercrime, and fraud through multichannel sales where merchandise is ordered online but picked up in-store.

Finally, a lack of police presence and weakened economy may be contributing factors to the surge in shoplifting noted by some businesses as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, disrupting consumer shopping habits and contributing to lowered profit rates.

Businesses wishing to protect their premises, products, employees, and — ultimately — their bottom lines should consider investing in intelligent security and access control systems that can provide the critical protection they need against theft, vandalism, and even physical harm.

Intelligent Security — The Solution for This Year’s Holiday Shopping Rush

Savvy businesses have a two-fold task when it comes to bolstering consumer confidence and protecting their bottom lines during the holiday shopping rush.

They must provide an environment in which consumers feel safe shopping while ensuring that merchandise, fixtures, and on-premises monies are appropriately protected. The solution to both issues is simple: Investment in intelligent security and access control systems.

Here’s how these smart security measures can benefit your business this holiday season:

Access Control for Increased Safety

Access control systems can provide a two-fold benefit for consumers and businesses. First, these systems use intelligent security measures to quickly process and provide access to individuals based on any number of predetermined factors.

These factors can include the wearing of facial coverings, the monitoring of body temperatures, or even ensuring that hands are properly sanitized to give consumers confidence in a safe shopping experience.

Secondly, access control technologies ensure that only authorized personnel are on-site during business operation or after hours to provide enhanced physical security and premises monitoring, reducing the chance of vandalism, theft, or physical harm.

Other Intelligent Security Measures

Video security is another essential component of targeted on-site safety protocols, allowing you to keep a close eye on facility safety.

New intelligent technologies feature next-gen video analytics to provide you with quick access as critical events unfold. Special low-light technologies, infrared illuminators, license plate recognition abilities, and stream management options provide optimal scene clarity to record events inside — or outside — your facility.

Perry proTECH Provides Businesses with Next-Gen Security — Today

The Perry proTECH team of security and IT professionals has curated the best intelligent security options to keep your business and your customers safe during this year’s holiday shopping season.

For perimeter security, intrusion control, and interior monitoring, we offer a series of video surveillance cameras and associated equipment that will easily integrate with your current infrastructure, even dovetailing neatly with third-party apps for increased convenience and accessibility.

We can even provide on-site sensors that detect harmful chemicals, air quality, THC, and vaping to ensure visitors and employees abide by company policies while on-site.

Finally, our access control systems can not only keep unauthorized individuals from entering your business, but they can also assure increased adherence to public health and safety measures by detecting face coverings and increased body temperatures, and ensuring proper sanitization before entry.

Many businesses also take advantage of our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions to round out their security strategy. Our monitoring systems offer multiple redundancies for increased efficiency and are operated by a team of extensively trained professionals to ensure your property is fully protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best of all, each of our solutions is scalable, so every business — from start-up to enterprise-level — can take advantage of increased safety and security on-site for employees and customers.

Be ready for the holiday rush — and holiday theft — this season with intelligent security systems. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover innovative, cost-effective ways to offer your customers and employees greater safety and convenience this holiday season.

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