Creating Network Redundancy to Support Network Reliability

Your IT network is the life blood of your business. It provides access to necessary information, allowing communication and collaboration among colleagues and between staff and clientele, and driving revenue through the wonders of amplified productivity. So, when your network goes down, it can mean big trouble for your business — and for your bottom line. In fact, in 2021 a new report shows that for high-priority applications, the cost of network downtime can be up to $67,651 per hour. And the average time spent without network service during an outage? That number comes in at a whopping 117 minutes.

Even small businesses are hit hard by network outages. Research shows that many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no backup solutions in place. That means they are tapped to lose about $4,500 per year per business in the event of an outage, with a total loss of $22 billion in productivity across the board for all SMBs. Sadly, that number does not even include the cost of reputational damage caused by interruptions that can be seen as poor customer care or even sloppiness.

Fortunately, there are several ways to include network redundancy in your infrastructure to ensure that your system can support business continuity when a critical event occurs.

Design Principles that Support Network Redundancy

In a nutshell, you want to design a network infrastructure that minimizes the frequency and scope of network outages and allows you to continue business operations while recovery is occurring. To do this, you will want the expertise of a network engineer that understands the goals and challenges of your enterprise and can build a robust network infrastructure designed to help your business remain productive and competitive.

  1. Ensure Network Topology is Redundant

Both hardware and software elements of your architecture must include redundant characteristics to ensure every aspect of your network is protected. This strategy will help eliminate single points of failure and ensure that your network capacity is ample enough to handle many adverse scenarios, including crisis events or spikes in traffic on the network.

  1. Backup Your Data Offsite for Best Results

While there are redundancy solutions that can be deployed for on-premises-only backups, for best results your organization should consider using a cloud or hybrid solution to back up data. This strategy ensures that if there is an issue at your physical place of business, such as a flood, fire, or malicious incursions, you will be able to continue normal business processes with minimum disruption.

Storing data externally also helps protect your data — and your business continuity — in the event of a data breach or cyberattack. Using storage media or a facility located offsite ensures you have fast access to crucial information in the event your data is stolen, or you are locked out of your system.

It’s also important to note that the back-up should be “air-gapped” or “Offline” as that is the only way to ensure a valid unmolested copy after an attack. Off-site backups do not provide invulnerability without disconnection.


  1. Test and Maintain, Test and Maintain

Enough can’t be said about the need to frequently test your network backup systems and redundant networks and keep them up to date with security patched and well-maintained. Integrity testing can be performed by knowledgeable IT professionals by physically disconnecting hardware to ensure that backup processes perform as anticipated and, if they don’t, a workaround can immediately be formulated. In addition, routine maintenance of all network components, not just servers or data storage centers, is key to mitigate system failures.

Perry proTECH Has Redundancy Solutions for All Scenarios

Whether you are managing a multi-location enterprise or a small or medium-sized business, our team of IT professionals has your network redundancy solved. Not only can we offer the highest performing network servers from industry leading companies, but we can custom-create a storage and redundancy solution for every business need and challenge.

From on-premises storage to cloud-based options, our network management resources bring you easy scalability, reliable performance, and a high return on investment. Importantly, our experts have deep knowledge of how to provide the kind of network redundancy that can ensure business continuity in the event of theft, loss, or other crises, bringing you peace of mind — and a greater competitive edge.

Leverage the considerable power of redundancy for your network. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant to discover how simple it can be to get the business continuity, data access, and security your business needs.

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