Education in the Digital Age: How Digital Tech are Transforming the Learning Experience

Digital technology has exploded and is present in every aspect of our lives. With 5 billion people having access to a mobile device and 3.5 billion connecting to the internet, there is an amplified connectivity that trickles into play, work — and school.

In fact, trends in digital transformation have impacted how teachers are reaching their students — and how successful they are able to be — in a very positive way. Accelerated by the global pandemic of 2020, these digital changes are increasing interest in, and application of, technological tools that can bring real benefits to the school environment.

The most recent buzz is about online and remote learning, but this is just one way that digital tech has improved educational organizations’ abilities to meet the challenges and needs of modern-day students. As new technologies emerge, schools are using them to digitally transform the world of learning inside the classroom — and out.

How Schools are Deploying Digital Tech to Amplify Education

There are a number of ways digital tech is helping educational institutions bring higher quality, enriching learning experiences to a diverse student body, both in the classroom and virtually, by transforming the educational process and improving operations.

While technology is a constantly-evolving thing, some general trends that are currently impacting the education industry include the following:

  1. Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based learning has helped students of all ages and backgrounds tap into higher quality education through streaming lectures, interactive online collaboration, and even online test-taking. Platforms have been developed that incorporate technologies such as interactive whiteboards and special video conferencing technologies to make learning more interactive and compelling, while providing the flexibility needed to cater to students both at home and in the classroom.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Students are comfortable with digital devices from smartphones to tablets to smart appliances and more. Incorporating IoT on school campuses can help schools time-stamp assignments for better tracking, allow sick students to take tests and even attend classes from home, and even keep schools more comfortable by controlling temperature according to heat patterns.

  1. Big Data

Schools that use digital tech to compile and analyze data gathered on student behavior can tailor educational experiences directly to their specific student body. Data analytics can help schools learn where students are struggling, how they respond to specific learning styles, and even how well they thrive after graduation. This information can be used to build better, stronger programs that conquer learning pain points and provide more targeted learning experiences.

  1. Security

When you consider the implications of tracking student information alongside the implementation of IoT devices, you begin to understand how important data security is to the modern school environment. Cybersecurity is important for all educational institutions to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to keep students virtually — and physically — safer.

Remote monitoring of network systems as well as tools that monitor infrastructure for signs of suspicious behavior are critical tools in creating a safe, secure school environment — even if school is being conducted on a virtual level.

Perry proTECH Can Help You Manage Your Digital Tech

Managing all aspects of your digital technologies can be a daunting task — especially if your school has little — or no — IT support. Even those with an IT department often find that evolving technology outpaces in-house knowledge quickly.

That is why we have put together a team of Managed IT professionals with leading edge knowledge to help our education clients understand the potential digital technology holds — and help them manage it correctly. From deciding which technologies to implement for the best return on investment to creating a comprehensive IT plan, our experts can help your school take advantage of digital tech without the hassle and frustration of implementing it yourself.

After designing a plan, our team will implement it and help your staff understand how to get the most out of every aspect of your new tech. And we will continue to support you as you evolve with on-point maintenance, troubleshooting, and cutting-edge security.

Ready to give your students and staff a next-level experience? Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our Managed IT experts show you how.

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