Enhance Security in Your School This Year

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought safety into sharp focus for educational organizations this year. With face masks that can obscure facial features and impede identification a necessity, it’s more critical than ever for schools to be able to control and monitor physical access to school property.

But even before the coronavirus crisis, schools were placing more emphasis on physical security measures to reduce instances of bullying and protect students from random acts of violence. The National Center for Education Statistic notes that 80% of U.S. public schools installed surveillance cameras in 2016, doubling their use.

These IP-enabled cameras, along with web-based alerts and analytics help improve campus safety by offering real-time information to facilitate faster response times.

And, in this digital age, protection is not complete without a strong cybersecurity program. In fact, with COVID-19 prompting more schools to turn to virtual and distance learning, cybersecurity is paramount to protecting sensitive and personal student data.

The danger is real — the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center report notes a three-fold increase in cyberattacks on schools in 2019 alone.

Fortunately, there are many ways your school can protect both physical and virtual assets and data using state-of-the-art intelligent security tools.

Intelligent Security Measures for Both Physical and Data Protection in Schools

Your education organization has a duty to protect staff and student both physically and digitally. To ensure you have the right protocols and equipment in place, let’s examine both physical and cybersecurity as separate issues.

Cybersecurity for Schools

Schools are experiencing cyberattacks more frequently — a trend that is bound to increase as more educational organizations move to online or virtual learning.

Most of the recent school-oriented attacks were unauthorized breaches or disclosures typically focused on school staff — which can lead to possible fraud or identity theft. The next most common attack was malware, accounting for 28% of incidents.

One report concluded that by investing in more IT security, including “cyber hygiene,” schools could effectively defend against data intrusion.

Clever hackers are finding more ways to access data physically, a process that can be halted with the proper security hardware that integrates seamlessly across all platforms, including Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments that are increasingly prevalent in schools.

Physical Security for Schools

Physical security is a critical element of a safe school environment. A video security system that provides the right information in real time is crucial to fast response and incident prevention. Features that are important for video surveillance and cameras include, high-definition stream management, low-light technology, audio capabilities, and more.

Thermal imaging, a new technology aimed at preventing individuals with elevated temperatures from gaining access to physical premises, can help schools keep their students and staff virus-free.

Finally, access control, the ability to control wireless locks, visitor management, video verification systems, and intrusion panels through an intuitive interface makes managing permissions simple and fast.

Hosting your physical security through the cloud reduces up-front equipment cost and does not require an in-house IT team for installation. Additionally, cloud-based physical security:

  • Allows for the management of any number of facilities
  • Provides remote monitoring capabilities from any device
  • Allows real-time notifications of events through email or text for faster response times
  • Provides live monitoring of video streams from any camera
  • Sends customized security reports for better analytics

These easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, intelligent security tools help schools with increased situational awareness for better protection.

Choose Perry proTECH for Unparalleled Data and Physical Security Options

At Perry proTECH, we have an entire suite of cyber- and physical security tools at your disposal. All our options offer fast system deployment and scalability so you can add features as your needs expand.

Our team of IT security professionals will expertly assess your organization’s primary needs and develop a comprehensive security program that can seamlessly meet both cybersecurity and physical security requirements.

Whether you need intrusion control, video surveillance, data protection, thermal scanning for COVID-19 safety, or a mix of features, we provide custom-tailored security options that will fit both your needs — and your budget.

Put student and staff safety first this year with intelligent security solutions that focus on the specific needs of educational organizations.

Ready to make your school safer for students, parents, visitors, and staff? Contact a Perry proTECH consultant today and learn how our cutting-edge security technologies can make it fast, easy, and cost-effective to secure your school.

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