Help Your Business Flourish Using Document Management Best Practices

It’s 2020 and smart businesses are edging closer toward digital transformation as they develop new ways to keep efficiency high in a workforce that can be in-house, on-the-go, or remotely located.

Regardless of your employees’ physical location, they need fast access to vital information to remain effective and keep serving customers at a high level of responsiveness.

Using cutting-edge document management software, even traditionally paper-centric industries like education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and legal businesses can reduce their reliance on paper documents while maintaining a high level of security and keeping information easy to access.

A document management system (DMS) provides the infrastructure and software to simplify the way your business stores, manages, and tracks these electronic documents.

Beginning with content capture and moving through a typical workflow to storage and output, a DMS brings key benefits to your office document organization technology.

Critical Document Management Benefits for Your Industry

Regardless of industry, document management holds several benefits for your business, among them:

  • Compliance with wide-reaching data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, GLBA, ISO, and others
  • The ability to tracking file modifications for a clear audit trail
  • Access control, data backup, and data encryption for improved security
  • Automated alerts for suspicious activity
  • The ability to digitize critical documents such as employee records, work contracts, vendor agreements, and others for fast access to critical information

Easy access to mission-critical information means better workflows and easier collaboration among departments and staff. And backups, data encryption, and other failsafe technologies assist in protecting sensitive company and customer data to minimize risk from theft or loss.

Using Best Practices to Get the Most from Document Management

All industries, even those edging close to a completely digital environment, use some paper.  A DMS can help your business uncover those paper-based processes still in use that can be digitized without disrupting business processes.

The more processes you digitize, the faster and more efficiently your staff can get work done. And more work accomplished can help your business serve customers better and drive revenue for a healthier bottom line.

Implementing a DMS is easier when you employ some simple best practices:

Ensure you understand the compliance regulations pertinent to your industry.

Understanding regulations governing your market helps your DMS provider fine-tune your system to ensure compliance.

Understand the definition of “business record” before determining how to archive documents.

Separating records into groups — for example, invoice, correspondence, and vendor agreements — allows you to classify information in detail for more accurate retrieval.

Make a policy for storing information.

Your managed services provider (MSP) can assist you in creating policies to help manage digital documents through a data map and retention protocol to minimize storage of unnecessary files.

Focus on policies for each type of document.

Once you have classified your documents, create a policy for retaining and disposing each type of document, then make sure your employees are trained on each policy.

Plan on conducting ongoing training to refresh employees on protocols and bring changes to light when necessary.

Control access.

Access control is critical for data security.

A DMS will allow you to control access and permissions to your document archives, ensuring employees who switch jobs or locations or leave the company are given appropriate access — or access is rescinded when necessary.

By following these simple steps, your company can acquire the significant benefits available through document management — benefits that can help you gain a competitive edge in today’s volatile marketplace.

Perry proTECH Can Help Your Company Harness the Power of DMS

At Perry proTECH we have a team of document management experts that understand the importance of best practices in implementing a switch from paper to digital documents.

Our suite of state-of-the-art products makes it easy to develop a custom DMS plan that will meet your business goals and the specific needs of your industry.

From assessment to implementation, our team provides step-by-step guidance to ensure your transition is handled with a minimum of disruption so you and your staff can focus on what is important — keeping business moving.

Ready to experience the cost-savings and efficiency a strong DMS program can provide? Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our DMS experts design your custom program today.

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