How — and Why — to Choose Sustainable Printer Ink for Your Business

More than half of consumers worldwide admit that sustainable practices and products are more important to them now than they were just one year ago — and that number is climbing. To mesh with this new consumer trend, more companies are transforming their businesses to more sustainable models, a move that not only helps to protect people and our planet, but also helps companies to succeed in a hypercompetitive market.

Interestingly, people are willing to pay more for sustainability, with almost half of consumers noting that they have paid premium prices for products that are created using either sustainable or socially responsible methods. While this is good news for businesses, some continue to worry about how to adopt and adapt to a more sustainable business model — without breaking the bank.

But what if there was something that almost every business needed that could not only contribute to a more sustainable workplace, but also help them save money? There is. Sustainable printer ink is now mainstream, with many suppliers carrying various types of sustainable inks and toners — from products that focus on remanufactured cartridges to those which focus on the ink itself.

Two Ways to Use Sustainable Printer Ink for Your Business

As we mentioned, there are two ways to bring sustainable practices into your business using printer inks. You can either buy remanufactured print cartridges or remanufactured toner cartridges or focus on the sustainability of the inks themselves. Here’s a quick primer to distinguish between the two options:

The Benefits of Remanufactured Print Cartridges

Remanufactured print cartridges are created from OEM cartridges which have been cleaned, quality checked, and remanufactured according to strict quality standards to perform the same — or better than — their OEM counterparts. In addition, one brand of remanufactured cartridges regularly performs impact studies by a third party to prove their cartridges:

  • Have a 53% lower carbon footprint
  • Create a 59% lower energy draw
  • Have a 66% lower impact on human health and a 52% lower impact on natural resources

In addition, these cartridges come with a 100% performance guarantee and often offer businesses an up to 30% savings on ink and toner. By choosing high quality remanufactured cartridges, businesses can boost their sustainability profiles, save money, and be more competitive.

The New Sustainable Printer Inks

Sustainable or “green” printer inks come in two varieties — those that are created to produce less of an impact on the planet and those that are created using sustainable production processes. Typically, inks that are sustainable seek to reduce the number of volatile organic compounds as well as synthetic compounds that enter the environment. For example, inks are made up of solvents, dyes, and resins. Of these, the carrier or solvent is most critical, as it helps the ink adhere to the medium. While a wide range of chemicals such as methanol, cyclohexanone, and acetone can be used as solvents, so can water. Changing the nature of the carrier from chemical to water not only creates a higher level of susceptibility, but also creates cost savings both for manufacturers and purchasers.

Trust Perry proTECH — Your Print Experts

Today’s businesses are continually looking for ways to save money, raise brand awareness, and yes, even contribute to the health and welfare of our environment. With the new generation of printer inks and sustainable printer supplies, this task becomes even easier — and more advantageous.

At Perry proTECH, our print and imaging experts can help your business source smart, environmentally friendly products and supplies to help keep your customers happy — and your sustainability profile high. In addition, we participate in our own sustainability programs that focus on removing e-waste from overburdened landfills. We have two programs — one which focuses on recycling of old or legacy equipment such as printers and copiers and one which targets print cartridge recycling. As you know, recycling OEM print cartridges keeps toxic waste out of our environment and repurposes these cartridges into more sustainable, lower cost products.

Move toward sustainability by working with our team.  Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn more about sustainable print products and our in-house sustainability programs.

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