How Do You Provide Document Access to Your Remote Workforce?

The recent coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to turn to a remote workforce or a hybrid environment that combines in-office staff with those that work from home. That trend is set to continue with a total of 25% of professional jobs predicted to fully remote by the end and this year and more remote opportunities appearing on the horizon in 2023.

Workers appear to be delighted with the arrangement as many surveys point out the significant mental and physical benefits to a hybrid work environment. However, businesses interested in staying ahead of the competition and, indeed, keeping business continuity on target have had to make significant changes in the way work is performed. One of the best ways to manage the confluence of in-office and at-home workers is through technology that promotes process automation and increased connectivity.

Since information and documentation is the lifeblood of any business, regardless of industry, these areas present the perfect place for businesses to establish automated workflows and streamlined business processes that amplify connectivity and productivity. One simple, yet effective, way to begin is by choosing a document management platform that can perform these tasks for you.

The Importance of Document Access for Remote Teams

Businesses who want to stay on track must have the proper tools in place to support both their in-house and remotely located workforce. Providing access to appropriate documents through paperless automation software can provide a host of advantages — regardless of where employees choose to work.

Better Visibility

Managers and their C-Suite counterparts need to know what stage business processes such as invoicing, billing, proposals, and more are at, no matter where staff are located. A document management solution (DMS) provides management teams with the kind of visibility that drives results, including real-time updates. These updates can assist with the identification — and resolution — of process bottlenecks that slow down productivity.

Increased Collaboration

One of the disruptions caused by the shift to remote work remains information siloes that keep content segregated, reducing efficiency, productivity, and your competitive edge. Using a document management system instantly opens up siloed content, making it easy to search for — and find — needed information at the touch of a button. A robust document management solution will allow searches by dates, names, project numbers, or any other necessary variable. Plus, it allows employees to effortlessly edit, share, and archive work. Importantly, many of these systems come with revision control features that allow you to keep track of various iterations of a document. This feature not only allows for easy access to previous versions when needed, but also creates a change log that records which employees made which edits.

Enhanced Security

Establishing connectivity for remote employees is by its very nature creating vulnerabilities as many employees may be accessing company data through nonsecure internet connections and devices. Document management systems help alleviate some of the risk of data breach by providing both on-site and remote storage of data and performing automatic backups. In addition, these programs come with strong access control protocols that allow administrators to restrict access when necessary as well as grant permissions. Data can also be encrypted for additional security.

Supercharge Your Remote Workforce with a DMS from Perry proTECH

As more companies realize the benefits of a remote or hybrid workforce for their employees and their businesses, there is a greater need than ever for software that assists with document access and process automation. These two tasks are essential for keeping employees connected, collaborative, productive, and efficient — and your data secure.

At Perry proTECH, we provide high level document management solutions to help you optimize your workflows and automate your processes to free your employees for more mission critical tasks, remove information siloes, and bring your team together regardless of their physical locations. Our DMS’ promote secure document capture and storage with workflow automation choices that highlight productivity and collaboration as well as increased visibility into essential processes.

Increase the power and productivity of your remote workforce today. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant to discuss how to improve document access and reap the benefits of process automation.

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