How Maintaining and Repairing Printers Helps the Environment — And Your Bottom Line

Although the statistics vary according to country, industry, and even demographics it is undeniable that today’s consumer — at least 85% of them — want to buy from companies that practice sustainable business processes or create environmentally friendly products. In an effort to be more competitive, many companies have taken environmental issues to heart, fine-tuning business practices to include more sustainable ones such as recycling old ink and toner cartridges, purchasing remanufactured print cartridges, and reducing paper consumption.

While all of those are steps in the right direction, there is a simple way to do more — maintaining and repairing printers and keeping your print environment in top shape. Not only can using a print management solution make doing this effortless, but it can save you money in addition to helping your business become more environmentally friendly.

The Advantages of Maintaining and Repairing Printers Using Print Management

Print management solutions, or manage print solutions (MPS), as they are often called, are a great way to lead your company toward a more sustainable — and profitable — future. In addition to getting control of your print environment, managed print offers the following additional advantages:

MPS Can Save Energy

Many organizations pay large energy bills just to keep business running smoothly. Not only does this mean a hit to your bottom line, but it also impacts the environment through carbon emissions and use of natural resources. A good MPS can consolidate your printer fleet and replace outdated equipment with newer, more energy efficient models. In addition, MPS provides the visibility you need to see which machines are underutilized and which get the most traffic, allowing you to adjust accordingly. Not only does this strategy reduce energy costs, but it ensures that productivity remains high as employees who do the most printing have access to the right devices.

It Can Reduce Paper Waste

Paper comprises 26% of landfill waste and creating that paper uses energy and water, depletes our natural resources, and contributes to global pollution. Reducing the amount of paper consumed in your office is a great way to become more sustainable. MPS programs can assist by providing greater visibility into print activities and providing control over print actions. For example, you can set printers to automatically duplex print jobs or implement pull printing, where print jobs are not completed until an authorized user is at the machine to accept the job. That means less paper is used and unneeded print jobs are not printed.

It Can Reduce the Need for Multiple Machines

We’ve already talked about how optimizing your printer fleet helps to reduce the number of obsolete or little used devices in your print environment. Even if a printer is not being used, it is still drawing energy from the grid — and obsolete devices are not as energy efficient as newer models. A managed print solution can also help consolidate several energy-heavy machines — faxes, scanners, and copiers — into your print environment using multifunction devices (MFPs). Having access to a machine that can take the place of four devices not only reduces the need for costly floor space, but also reduces energy usage and contributes to bottom line savings.

Manage Your Business Printing with Help from Perry proTECH

In our hypercompetitive, post-pandemic business world, we know that every business needs to stand out from the crowd. That is why we look for ways to help our clients achieve a healthier bottom line while increasing their business profile.

What could be a better tool for that than Managed Print Services (MPS)? Not only can you help heal our planet by moving toward a more sustainable business model, but you can also get control of printing costs, energy costs, and the cost of supplies and consumables. The best part? You can proudly tell your clients that your business supports a healthier, more sustainable environment.

At Perry proTECH, we have assembled a team of MPS professionals that can expertly assess and optimize your print environment and create a plan that includes reliable maintenance and troubleshooting to keep business moving.

Become more sustainable, more productive, and more profitable with MPS. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and explore how our managed print solutions can help your business thrive.

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