How Managed Print Services Can Help Schools Thrive

School budgets are notoriously complicated — and small.

With the additional pressure on schools to implement new learning technologies and increase security and safety measures due to the COVID-19 crisis, educational organizations are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet.

Typically, schools make end-of-year spending decisions based on what is left over — and accessible — in their budgets. And with a new emphasis on students working remotely, virtually, and with their own personal devices, the monetary waters can become muddied very quickly.

A managed print solution can help schools save money on printing costs and provide students and staff with the resources they need to succeed. And, with managed print’s ability to provide detailed analytics to help you understand how to better optimize your school print environment in the future, those nerve-wracking end-of-year spending decisions can be a thing of the past.

Managed Print Services — The Best of All Worlds for Schools

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing schools to go digital, but that doesn’t change the landscape of budgeting concerns and other issues schools must address when considering how best to serve students, such as:

  • Budget constraints
  • Growing enrollment
  • Providing current technologies
  • Protecting student data

For schools opt for outsourcing, all these critical issues can be managed easily through a managed print services provider (MSP).

MSPs understand that to boost efficiency and create a more immersive learning experience, printing should be user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective.

Managed print programs that use specialized software such as PaperCut can assist educational organizations in adopting next-level tech and data protection while dramatically reducing cost and waste.

Cutting Costs While Enabling Better Tech — and Data Protection

The average school uses about 2,000 pieces of paper every day. While the cost of that is astounding, there are also indirect expenses associated with this usage, such as paper storage and the time it takes to print paper information for students.

A managed print program not only reduces the amount of paper used — and stored — by offering document scanning and content management solutions, it also allows for the control of print output.

With PaperCut software, data is controlled throughout the print process, ensuring no sensitive documents are left lying in the output tray. Documents are released to print only after an individual with permission is at the printer, ready to receive the data.

PaperCut doubles down on paper waste by offering a variety of features such as:

  • Duplex printing
  • Reasonable usage quotes
  • Pay-for-print
  • Print chargeback policies

PaperCut estimates that employing just one of these innovative features, including secure print release, helped to save their customers 15% on their print costs.

For schools, another element of savings is realized when in-house IT staff are freed from print-related hardware and software installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks to work on more high-level work projects.

With managed print, your MSP will take care of implementing, managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your entire print environment. Because all costs are rolled into one simple and reliable monthly fee, there are no surprise costs incurred by equipment maintenance or upgrade.

Perry proTECH Brings the Benefits of Managed Print to Schools

The Perry proTECH managed services team is always looking for new ways to help educational organizations make the most of their IT and print environments.

That is why we have partnered with industry leading software creator, PaperCut, to bring feature-rich, secure managed print technology to schools — at a price that fits any budget.

Our team is ready to roll up our sleeves and sit down with your school to determine how MPS can best meet the needs of students and staff while providing cost savings and data security.

We have a range of intelligent, cutting-edge technologies available that can manage a variety of needs and environments to help take your school’s efficiency and level of service to students and parents to the next level.

And, using a combination of PaperCut and cloud printing allows students and staff to print from any device securely, allowing for a more functional digital learning experience and better data protection.

Make the switch to managed print services and help your school thrive in a post-COVID environment — and beyond. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant today and learn how easily and cost-effectively you can boost technology, secure data, and manage print costs.

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