• How Managed Print Services Can Transform Your Business

How Managed Print Services Can Transform Your Business

The market for managed print services (MPS) continues to expand as we move through 2020. This rapid increase comes as more businesses clue into the powerful ways these services can transform workflows and business processes for bottom line health and expanded productivity.

The ability of MPS to lower costs, contribute to corporate responsibility, and jumpstart efficiency is propelling the market forward even further, with numbers set to grow by 8.83% from 2020 to 2025.

For companies that want to gain control of their print environment to manage costs and fine-tune workflows more proactively, managed services offer an unparalleled suite of tools.

The Many Benefits of Managed Print Services

While MPS offerings differ from provider to provider, there are several benefits businesses can garner from switching from a do-it-yourself concept to a managed approach.

1. Predictable Printing Expenses for Better Budgeting

With the cost of business on the rise, companies are searching for ways to control operating costs. MPS can help conserve valuable resources by providing data and insight into usage as well as scheduled maintenance and supply replenishment.

This transparency allows for better cost-center tracking and funding allocation and ensures that repairs and downtime are kept to a minimum.

2. Overall Cost Savings for a Cleaner Bottom Line

Managing a print environment means paying close attention to the hidden costs of complex print environments.

Managed print services can pave a path to greater cost efficiency through the engagement of several strategies, including:

  • Optimization of infrastructure to replace older equipment for decreased downtime and a more agile environment.
  • Restoring compatibility among devices and operating systems for smoother workflows
  • Reducing the burden of equipment maintenance on in-house IT personnel
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for in-house IT personnel
  • Reducing productivity loss due to machine or system downtime
  • Freeing capital and encouraging continuous workflows by ensuring supply replenishment occurs on an automated basis
  • Providing cost-saving options such as remanufactured ink and toner choices that are more cost-effective than OEM brands while providing the same — or better — quality.

Finally, a strong MPS program helps to extend asset life, allowing businesses to further defer capital expenditures so monies can be directed toward market expansion.

3. Corporate Responsibility for a Competitive Advantage

Today’s savvy consumers want more from a company than just a supplier — they want to invest in enterprises that champion causes that make our world better. In fact, it’s predicted that interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ideals will continue to grow in coming years.

Fortunately, managed print services can give companies nearly effortless ways to enhance their corporate responsibility profile.

These include reforestation initiatives that offset printed pages by planting trees and recycling programs that emphasize reuse through the return and remanufacture of ink and toner cartridges.

4. Increased Data Security for Better Compliance

In 2019, over half of businesses were affected by data losses relating to print as more cybercriminals target printers as an easy way to gain network access.

MPS provides many options to control access to sensitive and mission-critical data, including staying abreast of security patches and updates, providing embedded features that secure data from endpoint to storage, and deploying industry-specific features that address specific issues of regulatory compliance, along with a host of other features.

Importantly, MPS not only provides a secure environment for data, but ensures hardware and software are security-enhanced with most current technologies to counter new threats as they arise.

5. Scalability to Support Market Changes

Being able to predict monthly print expenditures allows companies to better plan for future expansion and respond to shifts in the marketplace.

By leveraging the strategic support available through print technology experts, businesses can easily expand their print environments to stay current with technological advances that enhance productivity, provide a robust environment that supports business growth, and protect capital reserves.

The Perry proTECH Advantage? Custom-Tailored MPS

At Perry proTECH, we’ve curated the best technologies, industry-leading partners, and knowledgeable print experts to bring our customers targeted managed print programs that fit their unique requirements and challenges.

Our team of industry professionals will expertly analyze and assess your current print environment for functionality, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

By understanding your business objectives and your current infrastructure, our team can recommend an MPS solution to transform your enterprise — giving you the competitive advantage of enhanced productivity, protected data, and a cost-effective print environment.

Ready to see how a Perry proTECH MPS solution can transform your business? Contact one of our experts for an assessment today!

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