• How Network Management Services Help Businesses Control Costs and Productivity

How Network Management Services Help Businesses Control Costs and Productivity

Technology plays a large role in every business, and the tech environment is constantly in flux, making it difficult for many businesses to stay on top of their IT resources.

In particular, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle with budgetary constraints that force them to reduce in-house IT staff — or sometimes eliminate them altogether.

Outsourcing your network management needs not only results in better security and increased productivity, it contributes to overall savings in time and money.

Having a complete network management system will assist in coordinating all things IT-related, such as:

  • Office hardware maintenance
  • Cloud storage
  • Computing services
  • Virtualization and collaboration
  • Software updates

With in-house IT for network management tasks costing up to 70% of your budget, it’s easy to see how outsourcing can help save money and free up your IT staff for more mission-critical work.

How Network Management Services Help Your Business Stay Competitive

A robust and well-managed network prevents costly downtime and disruptions, provides increased security and disaster recovery, increases productivity, and gives you data and insights regarding your network’s overall performance.

This is true whether your infrastructure consists of on-premises technology, leverages cloud services, or pulls strengths from a mix of the two environments.

Keeping your network technology running smoothly is imperative for businesses that want a competitive edge. To foster the productivity — and data security — that drives revenue and gives clients peace of mind, you need the right tools, processes, applications, and management.

Network management touches on all areas of network technology, including:


Cybersecurity is essential to protect mission-critical data and sensitive customer or employee information.

A managed network provider gives you access to security features that leverage AI and machine-learning for next-generation protection and enhanced endpoint security.

Network/Wireless Options

With more employees working from home or on-the-go, being able to segment and control user traffic is critical for better speeds is a critical asset.

Network and wireless solutions that offer intuitive network controllers can unify network management and provide data on the fly to boost remote productivity while state-of-the-art security features deliver unparalleled data protection.

Your Computing Tier

The building block of your office’s network, the computing tier comprises servers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and the tools that enable and enhance them such as virtualization capabilities and security measures that provide for efficient mobility.


Virtualization allows your staff to securely access data from anywhere and provides ironclad protection against physical or virtual disasters. With virtualization, your entire infrastructure is instantly recoverable, so you can continue uninterrupted operations, without fear of data loss.


Servers connect your computing device, housing applications, files, and relaying data from a centralized hub. They can be organized in an on-site data center, off-site premises, or through cloud services.

A managed network provider will help determine which is right for your enterprise based on your needs, current budgetary restraints, up-time requirements, and scalability.

Desktops and Laptops

Highly functional and flexible endpoint tools bring increased productivity to your office staff.

A managed network gives you a wide selection of groundbreaking technology from which to choose, providing high-function tools to serve a wide variety of staff needs. Proper network management ensures devices and software are regularly updated for maximum productivity and security.

Storage Needs

As your application workload increases, so do your storage needs. Managed network professionals provide scalable, flexible storage solutions to keep your business at high levels of productivity, regardless of workload.

With a managed option, you can access predictive analytics and machine learning to automate storage size for enhanced speed and capacity, providing the kind of integration that accelerates business processes.

ISP Solutions

Your service provider is a critical link for information sharing and flow. Understanding the subtle differences among providers will ensure you enjoy the kind of smooth, fast internet access you need for enhanced productivity.

The PERRY proTECH Advantage? Taking Control of Your Network

Perry proTECH has assembled a wide range of solutions and partnerships to make managing your network and infrastructure simple and cost-effective.

Our options can be configured to fit any size business perfectly, and we offer multiple approaches to give you access to the right processes and equipment for your business objectives.

Our team of industry experts and state-of-the-art technology provide a full-service suite of tools to cover every aspect of network control — from infrastructure to security.

Ready to gain the efficiency, security, and cost benefits you need for optimal workflows? Contact a Perry proTECH professional and take control of your network today!

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