How Schools Can Manage Ever-Changing Rules and Regulations During COVID

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, schools across the country and in Ohio are either shutting back down or opening back up, sometimes alternating back and forth. This is really impacting education. Students and parents are left to wonder, will we be doing remote learning or preparing for opening schools?

It’s not just parents who are confused. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has put a huge burden on educators. Things are continually changing, so it’s best to be ready for either situation – opening schools up or closing them down again. Technology can be a great benefit to schools going through a COVID-19 seesaw – it can help support both remote learning and opening schools up.

Technology Supporting Education and Remote Learning

Education these days is a lot more complicated than it was years ago. Budgets are strained but parent expectations are perhaps higher than ever. Students need more help in navigating an increasingly complex world. Even before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, leaders in education were struggling with how to meet their goals while managing their budgets.

Security and Compliance

Technology can help. These days, it is important to have a plan to secure student information, especially for remote learning. This isn’t just a nice-to-have, it is important for regulatory compliance. Having a plan in place to safeguard student data is very, very important. Fortunately, solutions such as document management and managed IT services can help make this happen through a secure ecosystem that manages security threats while maintaining compliance.

Budget Savings

Saving money is very important due to the cost impacts of adjusting to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Managed solutions such as managed network services and managed print services (MPS) can help. Schools won’t need to hire extra IT staff in order to get technology infrastructure put in place, especially for remote learning and cloud solutions. Instead, the managed services team acts as a remote team that is available 24/7 to make sure all IT systems are running smoothly and keeping the school running for students and educators.

Technology Planning for Opening Schools

Remote learning can be challenging, but opening schools can be fraught with even greater challenges. You have to consider both managing visitor security and maintaining health and safety standards for opening back up.

Visitor/Student Security Solutions

Schools need to be kept protected from the possible spread of coronavirus. Additionally, campuses need to be kept secure from intruders. With modern technologies such as thermal scanners and door access controls, your campus can be kept secure. These solutions can include visitor management systems that utilize smart ID cards and integrate with your student database.

Managing Student Enrollment

Schools can often be put into the challenging position of trying to increase student enrollment while managing the students that already need support and help. Through the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and data management, educational institutions can plan better both financially and strategically to manage enrollment and handle the influx of students. This can be especially helpful for schools that are rotating students allowed on-site to limit COVID-19 exposure.

Other Educational Innovations That Can Help Schools

Here are just a few other technologies that educational institutions might consider in helping navigate the COVID-19 rules and regulations:

Digital Whiteboards

One of the most exciting new technologies in recent years is the digital whiteboard. This is a whiteboard that is fully interactive and can be used to both enable in-person classroom teaching as well as remote learning.

Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers are printers that allow for printing on paper (or posters) of a much larger size than standard paper. These printers can actually be quite cost effective for schools, especially when leased through managed print services. Opening schools will need signage, which may be constantly changing, to provide COVID-19 instructions and directions for visitors and students. Wide format printers will make it so educators can print out posters and banners on-site without having to worry about the time and expense of sending out posters to be printed at the local print shop.

Education Support for Both Remote Learning and Opening Schools

Perry ProTECH is a top provider of managed IT solutions for education in Ohio. We pride ourselves on helping schools do what they do best – teach the next generation – while we focus on managing security and compliance issues. From managed network solutions to managed print services to physical security technologies, we offer a wide variety of tech innovations that enable school administrators to save money and invest more in students’ education.

Perry ProTECH provides technology services for educational institutions throughout Ohio. Contact us today for a custom solution.

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