How Software-as-a-Service Can Help Your Business Thrive

Software-as-a-service, or SaaS, has become an incredibly popular term in the technology and business world. The term almost seems like it has two opposites within. Software, as many conventionally understand it, is a program on a device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Most people are conditioned to paying an upfront cost for software and then using it until it needs to be upgraded to a new version. Service is something ongoing like paying for wireless service to access a network.

While SaaS may be a new term to many, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular way for businesses to get the tools they need as well as the ongoing support they want.

What is Software-as-a-Service?

SaaS is a software that is typically hosted in the cloud and gives users access to the tools for a fee. If a software was a vehicle, the traditional method of buying software would be like buying the vehicle off the lot. SaaS, on the other hand, is more like renting or leasing the vehicle. The ongoing maintenance and access to the software is the service, hence the name.

While this may seem like splitting hairs to some, there are a number of important benefits of SaaS that can help businesses improve their operations.

Manage Costs

Perhaps the most important benefit of SaaS is the cost. With a manageable monthly or annual fee, businesses can gain more cost certainty around their software expenses. With the older model, businesses would have to pay a significant upfront cost to purchase software with almost no guarantees about future support of the software. In some cases, businesses could spend tens of thousands of dollars on enterprise licenses for software before anyone within the company has even installed it.

With SaaS, the cost is more manageable. While the expense may be an ongoing one, the regular fee is easier to swallow than one massive initial cost. It also gives businesses the flexibility to switch to a new software if they find a better solution or feel they aren’t getting what they need from their current provider.

Compatible and Accessible

With so many connected devices in use today, SaaS is an easy way to bring them all together. Since the software is hosted in the cloud, it is much more accessible using a range of connected devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

This is why SaaS has become the solution of choice in print and document management. Thanks to SaaS, document management in the cloud makes it easy for a range of users to access, collaborate, and share documents regardless of where they may be or what device they may be using. If they upgrade their laptop or smartphone, it’s as simple as logging into a webpage or downloading an app in order to restore their access to the document management platform.

Scales with the Business

If there is one important takeaway from this entire blog it’s that SaaS is flexible. As mentioned before, there is flexibility when it comes to payment and subscription. There is also flexibility in that SaaS can scale with a business as the business grows. This is an especially important point for small and medium businesses that project to be adding new staff and new users of the software in the coming years.

The subscription model of many SaaS platforms is set up in a tiered fashion. A certain number of users will cost a base fee and the fee increases as the number of users increases. This means that a small business can get in on a lower tier with lower costs to suit their needs and budget. As the business grows, new users are added to the monthly subscription cost at a minor increase to the business.

Compare this with the more traditional software model. If a new user were to join the business, then an additional license would need to be purchased. This would be a significant upfront cost that would make hiring new employees and expanding the business more costly than simply paying their wages.

Ongoing Releases and Upgrades

Since the SaaS model requires regular ongoing subscriptions to be successful, the provider is incentivized to focus on constantly upgrading and improving the service in order to retain users. This means that the latest features are typically added to the software and made available to all paying subscribers. There is no need to purchase new licenses or download new versions. Once the SaaS provider pushes the new version to the cloud, all users can enjoy the benefits.

Make the Switch

Is your business ready to make the switch and start enjoying the benefits of SaaS? With document management platforms that make workflows more efficient, sharing more intuitive, and collaborating more effective; SaaS is the clear path forward.

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