How to Keep Up with Your Changing Print Environment

The coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruption for many industries — but it also gave many businesses a way to reevaluate the standard work environment, blending the digital and the physical to create a new kind of workspace that is more effective, efficient, and harmonious. Businesses are beginning to settle into their new normal, typically a blend of remote and in-office staff, or even a completely remote workforce.

For many offices, these changes mean a significant pivot in technologies that can support a hybrid or remote-only staff. And since many office tasks revolve around access to information and paper documentation, it makes sense to take a closer look at your office print infrastructure to determine if it still supports the way you do business now.

Reconciling Post-COVID Changes in Print Environments

As more offices shift away from the standard open-plan arrangement and into hybrid or remote-supporting strategies, your print infrastructure must naturally change. While it might seem easier to continue with a setup and print contract that your company entered into before the pandemic, there are many valid reasons to reassess it now. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your current print needs:

Do You Require Home Printing Solutions?

As more businesses establish remote work positions, there is a reduced need for centralized printing. But paper documents are still critical to getting work done, so work-from-home staff must have access to printers. One global survey found that 45% of remotely working staff bought printers or other equipment to support their from-home work but half of those buying printers did not have the device installed or checked by company IT personnel. With a new study showing that the switch to remote work has coincided with a 238% increase in cyberattacks, it is important to ensure that home printers are supplied by, and tracked, by your in-house IT team or a reputable third party print management provider.

Are Your Digital Workflows Enabled?

Because more employees are working off-site, there exists a real need for companies to move toward automated and digital workflows to help them stay connected and productive. Digitizing your paper-based processes using a document management solution combined with smart print management can help your workforce stay collaborative and competitive.

Is Your Current Print Infrastructure Cloud-Enabled?

Cloud print services offer an effective way to effortlessly scale your print infrastructure as your needs and staff arrangements evolve. Through print management, you can reduce overall operating costs by managing networked print devices in a cloud environment — including employees’ home-based printers. As an added bonus, a cloud-based print environment further bolsters the security and protection of your company’s sensitive data.

Can You Implement Touchless Printing?

Touchless printing can help keep in-office staff safer by reducing the transmission of viruses on hard surfaces such as print touchscreens. But it also offers increased security by ensuring that no document is printed until the authorized recipient is at the machine. A feature called “pull printing” implements these touchless principles, where employees can use a smart card to authenticate their print job and receive their documents without having to press a button.

Let Perry proTECH Reassess Your Print Environment for Success

Every business, large and small, has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic — and most have made significant changes to the way they work in order to keep business moving forward. Whether your business has simply rearranged your office interior for greater social distancing or whether you have adopted a remote or hybrid work model, your printing needs have likely changed.

Don’t let your business be held back by the constrictions of a pre-COVID print contract. To stay competitive and keep costs to a minimum while promoting maximum productivity, now is the time to reevaluate workflows, print needs, and even your overall infrastructure. At Perry proTECH, we have a team of print and imaging experts that can help you get access to the technology you need to successfully optimize your print environment for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

You’ve redefined your business. Now get a print infrastructure that supports your new normal. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and schedule a comprehensive print infrastructure assessment today.

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