How to Navigate the Ongoing Printer Shortage

If your business or organization has been having issues getting new printers and print supplies, you are not alone.

A global shortage of printers and associated supplies is hampering the ability of companies to be productive. It’s no joke. Called the “Great Printer Shortage,” the problem may not be going away anytime soon. Therefore, it is prudent to plan to manage your print resources carefully for the foreseeable future.

The Challenge of the Great Printer Shortage

What does the Great Printer Shortage mean in practical terms? Well, with massive disruptions in the global supply of certain raw materials and tech components such as chips, many companies are having a difficult time getting all the printer supplies they need.

Shortages have impacted 38% of small businesses and 28% of global retailers according to the United States Census Bureau.

Labor has also been an issue thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in manufacturing and logistics.

Supply chain shortages are affecting:

  • Printer ink and toner
  • Printer parts / spare parts
  • Computer chips (which are necessary to make new printers)

The important thing is to not wait until the last minute to deal with printer problems and supply replenishment, because if you do, your business may be left hanging.

Strategies to Deal With the Great Printer Shortage

Keeping your business productive and functioning during times of a supply chain crisis is possible, but requires advance planning and solid strategies. Here are some potential approaches to conserving print resources and making the most of the current supply chain situation:

Planning Ahead With Printer Supplies

In order to mitigate the current supply chain crisis, many organizations are turning to traditional supply and demand strategies and planning. This can involve negotiating and purchasing inventory three to six months in advance through proactive vendor management.

Keeping Printers Well-Maintained

Printers that are well-maintained are far less likely to break down and need replacement. Several studies have found that keeping printer heads clean can increase their longevity by almost three times. Keeping printers well-cleaned and properly maintained can offer significant cost savings in printer parts and replacement.

Reducing Printer Waste

Waste of printer resources can really tax the printer fleet and waste money. And not only are printer supplies constrained, paper costs are rising as well.

Thus, if your staff members are printing out 300-page manuals that could be read on a tablet instead, this is a waste of paper and ink. Another example of waste is when documents are printed out on individual pages when they could be printed double-sided. Set up policies to reduce printer usage, especially unnecessary waste, and educate your team on these new policies.

Partnering With a Managed Services Provider

Consider hiring an outside expert help to review the status of your printer fleet and strategize mitigation and improvement strategies. Working with a Managed Technology Services provider, specifically a Managed Print Services provider, can be a highly effective way to successfully traverse the Great Printer Shortage.

How Managed Print Services Can Help Navigate the Global Printer Shortage

With the ongoing printer and printer supply shortage, partnering with a third party Managed Print Services provider can make a huge difference in your organization’s productivity and bottom line. A qualified MPS provider like Perry proTECH will help your business not only get the equipment and technology it needs to stay productive, but keep current machines well-maintained and trouble-free to last extended lifecycles.

Printer Monitoring and Supply Management

With Managed Print Services, your printers will be monitored for usage and functionality.  Future needs for ink, toner, and paper can be calculated to enable better planning and proactive supply replenishment. Supplies can also be automatically reordered on specific timeframes or an as-needed basis.

Comprehensive Print Assessment

One of the first things we do at Perry proTECH is to provide a comprehensive assessment of our client’s current office print and copy environment. We will conduct a thorough inventory of the type and number of devices along with their males and models. This information is key to planning and managing costs.

Reporting and Recommendations

Following the print assessment, we deliver a complete report detailing the print environment and projected costs. Perry proTECH will also share our expert recommendations, detailing how we can save time, money, and material costs.

Maintenance and Support

By working with Perry proTECH as your Managed Print Services provider, you’ll have a convenient monthly cost that covers printer maintenance and support. Our expert technicians and consultants will be on hand to keep your printers smoothly functioning.

Need Help Reducing Your Printer Wase and Managing Printer Usage?

At Perry proTECH, we are experts in managing business printing. We work with our customers as partners to help them overcome common and uncommon challenges in managing printer fleets, including today’s supply chain crisis. Our Managed Print Services solution gives you visibility into your printer fleet, so you can catch and mitigate printer waste and abuse. Our team of printer experts will also keep your printers up-to-date and repaired.

Perry proTECH is a Managed Print Services provider that has been delivering solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes since 1965. Contact us today to schedule a consultation where we can review your print needs with an in-depth print assessment and analysis.

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