How to Run a Successful Online Conference

In our post-COVID environment, many organizations are turning to online platforms to keep business running smoothly. Even traditionally in-person events such as conferences, networking events, training, and seminars are being conducted as digital events.

In fact, the number of web-based meetings has risen since the pandemic. Ninety-two percent of companies are adapting digital communications strategies and restrictions surrounding COVID-19 has seen 30% of organizations around the globe using web conferencing solutions for the first time.

The Benefits of Digital Conferences

Using web and video conferencing solutions, decision-makers can create powerful communication channels that connect teams for collaboration, bring engaging face-to-face interface to client interactions, and offer strong educational opportunities to keep staff up to speed.

Additionally, video conferencing can:

  • Cut travel costs by 30%
  • Increase savings by 75% when using cloud-based video
  • Replace lackluster conference calls
  • Increase the cohesiveness of remote teams
  • Save time

However, to bring the advantages of virtual meetings to your organization, you must create a successful online conference environment.

Creating the Right Environment for a Successful Online Conference

Online meetings, seminars, conferences, and training are becoming commonplace for companies wishing to reach staff and clients while providing the optimal protection from viral spread. However, today’s meetings must expand beyond simple “dial up” conferencing to capture attention and create a collaborative, enriching environment for open and clear communication.

Here are several actionable tips for ensuring your next online conference is a successful one:

  1. Use Video as a Primary Way to Connect

Dial-in options often provide attendees with an excuse to multi-task, lowering productive interaction and increasing the chance of distraction.

Video conferencing helps connect people in a way that helps them feel they are at an in-person meeting and contributes to better engagement. Audio dial-ins can be offered as a backup where an attendee doesn’t have the right bandwidth or camera, but make it clear that video is preferred.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Video conferencing technology is easy to use, but there is still a learning curve. Make sure your presenters check in for a practice session so you can ensure your — and their — tech tools are working according to plan.

The last thing you want is a false start on the day of your conference.

  1. Get Real Time Feedback

With visual cues more difficult to discern in a video conference, getting input and feedback can be a challenge. Today’s leading-edge interactive whiteboards often come with software that provides easy ways to poll attendees during the conference without disrupting the meeting itself.

Many boards allow for annotation and editing on-the-fly to facilitate collaboration and encourage communication.

  1. Use the Cloud

Premises-based telephone services — traditional land-lines — are fading away as more companies shift to the cloud.

Spending on web conferencing services in the cloud with continue to grow as more businesses use cloud-based telephony options to save money, facilitate better collaboration, and reach remote workers and clients. Voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services can be a money-saving option that is based in the cloud. VoIP can help lower your total cost of ownership and reduce maintenance costs associated with traditional phone switching equipment.

Perry proTECH Has the Tools You Need for an Outstanding Digital Event

Even though videoconferencing technology is becoming more intuitive, there are still a lot of factors to consider when putting together the right system for your business.

First, there are your specific needs, goals, and challenges. Will you be conducting trade shows, seminars, training, meetings, or all of the above? Are your attendees geographically scattered? Are they in various time zones? Do they all have access to a good internet connection?

Then, you must consider your budget. Which tools will help you get the most return on your investment? A VoIP phone system to replace legacy telephony? Cloud services to manage better connectivity? An interactive whiteboard to skyrocket collaboration. Or will you simply need some professional video conferencing cameras and software?

At Perry proTECH our team of IT professionals can provide the expert guidance you need to help you assess your needs and build a system that addresses them — without breaking your budget.

Make your next online conference a rousing success Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our team design, build, and deploy the perfect web conferencing system for your organization.

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