How Wide Format Printing Can Help Your Business Communicate Better

The wide format print market is exploding, with the overall market predicted to reach $12 billion as soon as 2026. That is a healthy 3.3% CAGR for the forecast period — and an unusual burst of growth considering that many industries have suffered drastic losses during the pandemic and the following economic upheaval.

What is causing this surge for demand in wide format printers? Large format printing is not only more economical than screen printing, but it can be used in myriad ways to help businesses keep their footing through these uncertain economic times. Not only have advances in technology allowed for digital print to thrive, but UV-curable and dye sublimation inks have expanded usage, as have the ability of more wide format printers to handle media such as wood, glass, and fabric.

But one major trend that is driving the move to wide format printing is the need for essential communications among businesses and in business-to-consumer interaction.

Exploring Effective Communication Using Wide Format Printing

The ability to use many media and ink types to convey branding and other critical messaging is instrumental in driving interest in wide format printing for businesses. But there are several components to effective communication that are helping wide format printing to stand out from competing communication methods. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

  1. The COVID Effect

COVID-19 and all its variants continue to be a primary concern for businesses and consumers alike. As recently as July of this year, consumers reported increasing anxiety about the rise in coronavirus cases and concern over the health of themselves and their families. However, because the pandemic crisis is better than it was a year ago, they are more likely to venture out to get services and goods they may have avoided before.

Businesses are turning to signs and graphics to meet essential marketing, function, and communication roles. As health and safety standards and protocols shift, wide format printing allows businesses to place banners, exterior graphics, and more to let customers know essential operational details. In addition, display graphics and signs can be used to help clarify new rules or instructions for customers in a cohesive, branded way. Importantly, with in-house wide format printing capabilities, your business can instantly create signs that reflect changing federal, local, and even company policies.

  1. The Amazon Effect

Today’s consumers are spoiled. Access to almost instant fulfillment of shipped goods from retail giant Amazon has lead consumers to expect rapid, contactless services from brick-and-mortar stores as well, something that is known as the Amazon effect. One silver lining from the coronavirus thundercloud was that retailers were forced to adopt curbside, contactless delivery of necessary items — and wide format signage was there to assist.

Wide format signs and graphics help retailers and service-based businesses such as car detailers and more offer fast turnarounds and curbside services with large, clear signage that directs consumers through the purchasing process. Not only can this signage be branded for instant recognition but providing clear direction results in a more satisfying experience for customers, lowering frustration and increasing positive opinion about your business.

Perry proTECH is Your Answer to Leading-Edge Wide Format Printing

Wide format print is fast becoming an essential business tool. At Perry proTECH, we have established relationships with leaders in the wide format print and imaging industry to bring you the widest range of high-quality wide format print technology. Brands like KIP, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Lexmark, and HP round out our offerings, bringing you options for every need and budget.

Our wide format print experts can help you sort through features to find the right printer for your application. Some focus on low cost of ownership and consumables, some on the ability to print technical documents and complex jobs, and others that focus on versatile outdoor printing, proof printing, and multi-media usage. With such an array of options, it is easy to understand why many businesses are choosing to amplify their marketing results with the purchase or lease of an in-house wide format printer.

Get your message across loud and clear. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our innovative lines of wide format printers can help you supercharge your marketing message.

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