Improve Healthcare with Epson High Speed Scanning Solutions

The COVID pandemic unfortunately resulted in lasting impacts on healthcare. With an uncertain future and potentially more health crises to respond to, health care organizations need to be prepared for anything.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that healthcare organizations can dramatically improve operations to weather any potential incoming storms and future challenges using the latest technologies. With the right hardware and software, operational efficiencies can be instituted to streamline business workflows, coordinate patient communications, and enhance administrative business functions.

Technology should be an integral part of any operational improvement process, and Epson scanners are a great addition to any healthcare organization due to their power and flexibility.

How Epson Scanners Can Help Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Epson’s powerful, reliable document scanners are invaluable tools for healthcare organizations and physician private practices.

Digitizing and Digitalization of Paper Documents

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are required due to federal regulations, yet paper is still used very commonly in doctors’ offices as patients use old-fashioned clipboards to write down their health history by hand.

While receptionists and nurses could manually type this information in, this is not the best use of time. A good document scanner will enable administrative staff to quickly scan and input patient reports and attach them to their electronic records. The same goes for paper charts used by doctors and nurses.

Epson scanners (which are available for equipment rental from Perry proTECH) are designed to reliably scan and translate documents. It is important that documents remain legible once they are scanned in, especially if the documents will potentially be OCRed at some point.

Seamless Integration With Existing Software

Doctors and nurses are already busy enough without having to fuss with files and software. Epson scanners are designed to integrate easily with existing software and document management systems. This enables healthcare teams to focus more on patient care as opposed to wrangling technology.

Being able to connect to existing software via drop in compatibility is very important to healthcare organizations of all sizes. Epson scanners can connect with hospitals, private practices and clinics, and dental offices, just for starters.

Practice management solutions are also quite important in optometry, ophthalmology, and retail eye care. And Epson is ready to integrate with these systems.

Speed and Volume for Hospital and Ambulatory Care Solutions

Electronic health records (EHRs) are especially important to quickly and efficiently manage in hospital and ambulatory care environments, where speed is often of the essence. With high volumes of patients to manage, hospitals and emergency rooms need reliable scanning devices to help keep the workflows happening. Accuracy is also key to safe and effective treatment.

Fortunately, Epson scanners can handle large workflow workloads quite effortlessly. Because of this the company has gained the trust of many health care organizations.

Keeping Clinical Operations Running Smoothly

Health care clinics have to thread that fine line between making sure that patients get the treatments they need, that large volumes of patients are processed as quickly as possible, and finally, keeping those patients satisfied. This is why operations really need to be streamlined and workflows made as reliable and as fast as possible.

Epson document scanners meet all of these needs by leveraging the latest in technologies, offering the reliability required, and through partners such as Perry proTECH, excellent customer service and support. Health care clinics need to know that they can quickly get support for whatever the reason, and Perry proTECH can help with its Managed Print Services.

Why Choose Epson Digital Scanners for Purchase or Equipment Rental?

Epson is a renowned leading manufacturer of printers and scanners for home, office, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing usage. With a commitment to sustainability, Epson is on track to become carbon negative by 2050.

Epson document scanners offer many advanced features, such as its compact DS-870 color duplex workgroup document scanner. TWAIN and ISIS drivers enable seamless integration with healthcare technology and software to keep workflows humming. The DS-870 is also amazingly fast, with lightning speeds of 65 ppm/130 ipm. Epson document scanners for healthcare include a three-year limited warranty with next-business-day replacement.

Epson’s document scanning portfolio includes portable, workgroup, and large format scanners.

Managed Print Services and Support From Perry proTECH

Perry proTECH also provides the perfect support for your entire printer and scanner ecosystem with our Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions for healthcare. With MPS, your healthcare organization can focus on helping patients while we “worry” about printer, copier, and scanner integration, maintenance, and upgrades for you. As part of your Managed Print Services package, you can benefit from Epson scanner equipment rental as well.

Need Help With Healthcare Technology Systems?

Perry proTECH is now launching a new Epson scanner line. We have partnered with Epson to offer their innovative line of document scanning solutions for business as an authorized CaptureProSM reseller. As a leading technology solutions provider, Perry proTECH helps healthcare organizations leverage the best in technologies to improve operations while maintaining compliance with HIPAA. We offer equipment rental as well as comprehensive Managed Print Services solutions.

Perry proTECH is a Managed Print Services provider that has been delivering solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes since 1965. Contact us today to learn how the Epson scanner line can help your healthcare organization with workflow efficiency and compliance.

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