Innovative Must-Have Technology for Remote Learning Environments

The “new normal” in education now includes ways for teachers to reach students who are remote or home bound. This sudden shift in teaching methodology has thrown a curve ball to many districts — especially those with small IT budgets who find it difficult to manage the additional pressure on their small — or nonexistent — in-house IT teams.

However, the right resources can make the difference in online student success and fortunately, many of these resources are budget friendly.

For educators considering beginning — or continuing forward — in an online environment, here are the top three technologies to consider:

  1. Tools to Manage Your Online Classroom

Classroom management tools such as Google classroom are typically cloud-based technologies that relieve educators and districts from having to install hardware or having your in-house IT team download software packages.

These programs intuitively simplify the process of creating online lesson plans, including projects and assignments that amplify the lesson for value-added results.

Using these tools, teachers can set up virtual office hours, invite students into digital classrooms for specific lessons, design and share quizzes, and post assignments.

One drawback? These are public-facing resources, and you may need to coordinate with in-house IT teams or a trusted third-party managed services provider (MSP) to ensure student data and privacy are protected.

  1. Communication and Collaboration Tools to Connect with Colleagues

Programs like the well-known software application, Microsoft Teams, help educators stay on point by making it simple to schedule meetings, foster collaboration on key objectives, or assign tasks to help create online lesson and testing strategies.

Again, it is critical for educators to employ measures to ensure a zero-trust model in order to protect user identity and preserve access for authorized personnel only.

  1. Video Tools to Encourage Engagement

Video chat and sharing tools add another dimension of engagement to the online learning experience. These resources allow students and teachers to see and hear each other and conduct face-to-face engagement for a better, bolder sense of community.

Choose a video solution that provides not only security such as access controls and administrative control of the chat space, but also allows teachers and students to share screens, exhibit work, and encourage collaboration and brainstorming.

Interactive whiteboards are the perfect solution, as they provide a face-to-face connection, dovetail with commonly used applications, and embed a host of resources and security measures right in the device.

Perry proTECH Provides the Right Tools to Enhance Your Remote Classroom

At Perry proTECH, we understand the challenges faced by educators and administrators alike as they struggle to balance shrinking budgets against growing needs, such as the expansion of schools into the area of remote learning.

Our team of accomplished IT experts can help you develop a targeted, cost-effective way to reach your remotely located student body with powerful, enriching lessons that will stimulate interest and amplify learning.

From Managed Network Services to keep your infrastructure safe and running smoothly to innovative technologies like interactive whiteboards, the Perry proTECH team has a full range of resources to make your foray into online education a success for teachers and students alike.

Bolster your online education program with innovative new technologies. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our services and resources can help you expand your remote students’ knowledge and engagement — without breaking your budget.

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