Keep Data Safe with Cloud Security for Remote Workers

With the rise in remote workers, cloud security is becoming more and more important. Without data security facilitated by strong network management, your business could be at risk.

Why Do Remote Workers Put Data Security at Risk?

Keeping data secure for remote working teams can be challenging. Why? Because it’s not as easy to control which security measures are being followed at home. An employee’s home is not a controlled environment like a central office location is. And each employee will have a different set up in each home, from network connections to computers.

With so many variables related to remote workers and data security, how can businesses keep their data and files safe?

Lack of Integration

Without the proper IT processes and cloud security systems, remote workers may be left to their own devices when it comes to data security. You could end up with a hodgepodge of files strewn across various computer systems owned by employees scattered in different locations. This is a recipe for a data disaster.

Poor Workflows

Without strong cloud security systems in place, important files may be lost or exposed unnecessarily. Poor workflows and systems for remote workers can also impact productivity in a negative way.

For example, if your remote workers are sending files back and forth via email as their means of collaboration, this is not only slow but insecure. While the free version of Google Drive is often the go-to for simple sharing of documents, it doesn’t have great version tracking or access control.

Lack of Hybrid Office Support

A lack of good cloud security and integrated systems also makes it harder for remote workers to handle hybrid work situations where part of the time is spent at home and part of the time is spent at the office.

Cyberattack Vulnerability

Cyberattacks are increasing, even on small businesses that may not think they have much to lose. Massive ransomware attacks are directed at companies as well as individuals, and these ransomware attacks can do great damage to your systems. Even worse, ransomware hackers typically keep your private data, even if the ransom is paid. This means your company is at risk of losing sensitive data, including customer information, which could cause huge problems for your business.

How to Improve Cloud Security and Processes

Remote workers can actually be quite productive with strong cloud security and network management enabled. Here are just some of the ways to improve cloud security:

Desktop Virtualization

One of the big challenges with remote workers, especially in hybrid office setups, is having a consistent way to access apps and data from anywhere. Desktop virtualization can fix this issue with a secure virtual desktop platform that provides consistency and data security across diverse operating systems and devices. This makes it easy for your remote workers to access the information they need in a safe and structured way.

Robust Cloud Software

Instead of letting your remote workers fend for themselves with cobbled together collaboration via email and free cloud services, institute a company-wide enterprise-level cloud solution for the best results. This will enable workflow optimization, cloud security, and data security.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Endpoint protection is just one critical aspect of network security. It is all about managing network endpoints to make sure they aren’t vulnerable to hackers. It’s important to have systems in place to prevent phishing, malware, and ransomware. The right document management system can have controls in place to remove or isolate infected files that are uploaded, before they go and infect your entire network ecosystem.


Network Management

Modern network management isn’t just about your local, onsite networks but making sure that there is a seamless integration between office LANs and cloud services. This is especially important in hybrid environments where workers may be coming into the office for specific tasks but performing the majority of their work from home. You need network solutions that are scalable, integrated, and secure.

Top Network Management and Cloud Security Services

At Perry ProTECH, we are experts in establishing secure cloud systems that are robust and scalable. With our experts in network management and data security, we can institute powerful cloud-based solutions that will enable your remote workers to do what they do best. The best part is, these solutions usually speed up workflows, and in the end, will save you money.

Perry ProTECH provides network management and cloud security to businesses throughout Ohio. Contact us today for a custom solution.

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