Managed IT: The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

With 97% of IT decision-makers looking at the concept of digital transformation to gain impact and benefits for their organizations, it is no surprise that modernizing legacy processes and speeding up workflows is becoming a major priority across industries.

Among the most important trends involving the process of digital transformation is the unlocking and analysis of data to streamline workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and get new products and services to market faster.

Part of manifesting a better understanding of company data is the removal of data silos and the sharing of insights among departments and task groups. Some of this is accomplished through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to use this data to enhance productivity and reduce the possibility of human errors.

As a small- or medium-sized business (SMB), this type of transformation may sound good to you — or it may sound daunting. The good news is that you have a tool at your disposal that can greatly simplify the process of going digital — managed IT.

Using Managed IT to Assist Your Company in Transforming Digitally

There are many ways that a robust managed IT program can assist your organization in moving toward a more efficient and productive digital environment. For simplification, let’s break it down into three easy steps:

Step One: Perform a Workflow Audit

Begin the transformation process by taking an in-depth look at your current workflows and processes, with a keen eye on documents and communication. This will allow you to identify gaps, deficiencies, redundancies, and other barriers to productivity and efficiency.

Doing this in concert with a managed IT team of experts will not only find inconsistencies and areas where infrastructure is lagging, but it will help uncover data security shortfalls, compliance issues, and record management slowdowns.

Step Two:  Begin Small and Expand Slowly

After your audit is complete, focus on the most critical workflow, and correct this process before moving on to others. Taking it slowly will help reduce the chance of staff frustration and ensure your transformation happens more smoothly.

Your managed IT partners can work hand-in-hand with staff to ensure seamless integration and the implementation of digital tools to keep productivity high during your digital adoption process.

Step Three: Optimize and Automate

You have audited your workflows and chosen one upon which to focus. Now it is time to apply managed IT to transform your chosen workflow digitally. The best way to accomplish this is through the application of automated processes.

Automation reduces human error and the need to expend human resources. With a managed IT program in place, your entire infrastructure — hardware and software — will be optimized to suit your business needs and goals. Automation in common in managed IT, with continual system monitoring and easy-to-access reporting available to keep your workflows on target.

Additionally, partnering with a team of managed IT experts can free up your in-house IT team to work on more high-value tasks while ensuring your system is operating at an optimal level.

The continual monitoring and maintenance provided by a managed IT environment can also help to mitigate risk, reduce issues caused by cyberattacks, protect data and information more securely, and reduce downtime due to maintenance or troubleshooting issues.

Perry proTECH Brings the Power of Managed IT to Your Business

At Perry proTECH we have a team of managed IT experts ready to help your company access the power of digital transformation simply and easily.

Our team begins with a deep dive into your organization’s specific needs and challenges to determine how best to configure your digital platform. We consider your current infrastructure and choose assistive technologies that help create a resilient, scalable network that provides optimal productivity and quality assurance you can count on.

We also focus on data security and compliance with the understanding that cyber threats and compliance requirements are continually evolving. Our deep understanding of security protocols allows us to create an environment that embodies security, governance, and control to keep your sensitive data safe from harm.

Get the keys to a simple, effective, and powerful digital transformation for your organization. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our Managed IT experts craft a custom-tailored solution for your company today.

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