Managing New Education Needs Using Wide Format Printing

Public schools have always been important, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of the school system in not only teaching students, but in delivering essential services, such as food and even health care, to students.

Many schools have continued with a remote learning curriculum as the virus continues to impact society, while others are opting for limited — or hybrid — opening strategies.

Innovation — which had mainly remained at the margins of the education industry — has now taken a forward leap as administrators, teachers, and students struggle with perfecting learning strategies during these changing times.

Schools are now looking for new ways to deliver learning by using innovative teaching strategies directed at helping students remember, understand, analyze, and create.

At the same time, they are invested in keeping students and staff safer using consistent rules and guidance to enforce social distancing, mask wearing, and illness tracking in the student and teacher populations.

Smart implementation of data and tech is an essential part of this move toward innovation, but that does not override the use of tried-and-true teaching methods. Instead, innovation is being used as an adjunct, a helper, and a springboard to a fuller learning experience.

For many schools, keeping student attention in the distracting world of COVID is the most essential of needs. That is why one simple tech tool — the wide format printer — is so useful in the education environment.

Let’s take a closer look at how this relatively low-cost device can transform the learning experience for your school, students, and even teachers.

The Benefits of Wide Format Printing in Schools

There are a huge variety of wide format printers available to serve all industries.

From high-powered and high-volume production style printers to simpler, more cost-effective, standalone devices, there is a wide format printer for nearly every application.

While some larger districts may benefit from a more feature-rich printer at the production-print level, many schools will find that the advantages inherent in the smaller models will fit their needs — and their budgets — better.

Here are some of the ways a wide format printer can easily enrich the classroom experience:

Clear Health and Safety Posters

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides ongoing guidance to schools as they continue to serve their students throughout the crisis.

While some rules for health and safety have remained constant, others have changed according to expert advice.

Schools can use wide format printers to create attention-catching posters to mark traffic patterns in hallways and classrooms, encourage social distancing in cafeterias and other gathering places, and remind students of good hygiene in bathrooms and gym areas.

Instructional Materials to Capture Attention and Imagination

With student attention wandering in low-volume classrooms, teachers must use high-impact materials to keep students learning.

Wide format printers have the ability to produce stunning, full-color resources to dovetail perfectly with the lesson plan for any grade level and any subject.

Collateral for Fundraising and Events

Fundraising and events have not gone away, in spite of COVID. Now, fundraisers and events, including school musicals, theater performances, and competitions, have simply moved to a virtual environment.

To keep engagement high — and funds rolling in — schools can use wide format printers to create colorful, high-visibility signage for school parking lots, interior hallways, and even the local neighborhood to drive interest.

Perry proTECH Has the Right Wide Format Printer for Your Needs

At Perry proTECH, we know that one size does not fit all. That is why we have curated a number of wide format printers from which you can choose.

From feature-heavy models that can print on vinyl, canvas, and other media to simple models that focus on rich, pigmented color reproduction, we have the perfect model to meet the needs and goals of your organization.

Our team of print experts can assess your current printer fleet and budget considerations, determine which wide format printer model will best serve you, and help your staff take advantage of all the value-added features that you get with these cutting-edge devices.

Help your staff and students thrive in the upcoming school year. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how easy it is to own a wide format printer.

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