Managing Physical Security in a Post-Pandemic World

While the main wave of the pandemic has passed, the aftermath is leaving businesses wondering how to best serve their customers’ new demands — better security and better convenience — without breaking their already challenged budgets. With crime and theft surging across the nation, consumers — and employees — are looking to businesses to keep them safe.

With tight security budgets factoring into the equation, businesses must look for security solutions that can leverage their existing security infrastructure and maximize their return on investment.

Physical Security Investments That Bring High Returns

The world of business has been forever changed by the ongoing pandemic. Even though the worst of it appears to have passed us by, businesses around the globe are turning to physical security tools to help keep their employees and customers safe.

Here are some of the newest, and best, ways for your business to navigate the post-pandemic world safely:

  1. NVRs

Most businesses are familiar with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) — and many may use one currently, alongside their analog security cameras. Upgrading to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that supports those analog cameras along with IP cameras can allow you to continue to use your older security cameras with the option to upgrade as money allows.

NVRs allow for the capture of audio as well as video and do not need to have cameras physically connected to the recorder, allowing businesses to theoretically place cameras at any site, as long as they can be connected to the network.

  1. Video Verified Alarms

Paying a fine for false alarms can hit your budget hard. Reduce the chances of this happening by installing Video Verified Alarms (VVAs) at your brick-and-mortar site. VVAs combines the alarm signal with video footage that allows alarm monitoring centers to see what event is triggering the alarm. This feature not only reduces the potential for alarms in error, but also provides responders with additional information to use when determining proper response measures.

  1. Upgraded Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is the basis upon which your security solutions are built, so it should be as current as possible. Partner with a third-party service provider to enlist their help in conducting a comprehensive network audit to discover vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Upgrading to a right-size system and increasing connectivity with 5G and wireless options can help optimize your physical security applications.

  1. Temperature Scanning Kiosks

Keeping employees and customers safe means ensuring that they are isolated from potential health risks. One way of stopping the spread of illness — coronavirus or even other common contagious illnesses — can be mitigated with the use of temperature scanning thermal cameras.

These cameras detect elevated surface skin temperatures without the need for physical contact. Individuals simply walk through a kiosk or stand in front of the camera as it scans for temperature. Access controls can be integrated to deny access to individuals with elevated temperatures, without the need for physical intervention from staff. In addition, they can be used in low-light situations and are simple to install and use.

In addition to these tools, investing in video analytics can reduce staff workloads and help security teams achieve more coverage with fewer resources. Integrating AI-based cameras can help differentiate suspicious from everyday activities and send alerts when certain behaviors are performed. No matter which you choose, all of these physical security tools will help provide a safer, more secure environment for employees and visitors.

Trust Perry proTECH for Leading Edge Physical Security Choices

Crime and theft are on the upswing, and you must keep your business — and your employees and customers — as safe as possible while sticking to your budget.

At Perry proTECH, we understand the challenges many businesses face when trying to combat evolving security threats. Our team of experts can provide an in-depth analysis of your current security framework to assist you in developing a cost-effective, scalable security solution that meets your needs and addresses the specific challenges your business faces.

Protect your business today. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our security experts design a custom-tailored physical security solution.

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