• Network Security Solutions for the Modern Business

Network Security Solutions for the Modern Business

Today’s fast-paced world is transforming — digitally and technologically — practically overnight.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strong emphasis on remote working — with up to 84% of businesses continuing to increase work-at-home staff, despite a rise in security concerns inherent in off-site use of data.

Of course, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is on the rise, and with it come serious implications for data security. With end users representing the weak link in the security chain, a BYOD-based office environment can set a business up for a security disaster.

Meanwhile, hackers continue to develop newer, more sophisticated ways of scraping credentials, harvesting data, and holding sensitive information for ransom. In fact, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses, with up to 36% of attacks focused on companies with under 250 people.

And yet, because many small businesses have a small, overworked IT department, or worse yet, no IT department at all, they are often easier to penetrate than larger companies with more robust security in place.

Fortunately, network management can provide any sized business with up-to-date security solutions that actively support business processes as well as protecting crucial data.

Affordable Network Security with Managed Network Solutions

Most modern business processes are supported by your network, meaning your company can be adversely affected by a catastrophic outage; data breach; or even slow, outdated technology that makes it difficult for your employees to work efficiently.

The point of network management is to address and decrease risk, eliminate productivity-sapping downtime, and minimize variability to help you reach a higher level of productivity. Managed network services (MNS) prevent workflow slowdowns, streamlines processes and storage, and gives you insights on data usage you can use to control costs and fine-tune operability.

However, one of its pivotal features is the ability to keep your business secured with the latest security solutions available.

Critical Assessment

MNS provides a comprehensive assessment of your network, including hardware and software, to assess weaknesses and detect and resolve any security vulnerabilities.

Ongoing Maintenance

There are no hidden fees with MNS. Everything you need — including routine maintenance and updates — is included in a monthly fee for a predictable budget. Maintenance is critical for a strong security program and MNS providers conduct routine maintenance alongside automatic updates of hard- and software patches as they become available.

This ensures your system is operating with the most current security protocols to ensure you’re protected against evolving threats.

Robust Troubleshooting

Using MNS, you’ll have access to a robust and knowledgeable support staff of IT professionals. This not only frees up in-house IT departments to focus on higher-value tasks, but it can replace in-house staff in many instances, saving even more money long-term.

Having IT experts with cutting-edge knowledge available to assist you as technology changes is invaluable — particularly when it comes to ensuring your sensitive data is protected.

In addition to keeping security up to date, an MNS provider will create and deploy a substantive disaster recovery plan in the event of data theft or loss. This plan will ensure that your company can stay up and running in the event of a natural disaster, physical intrusion, or data breach.

The Perry proTECH Advantage? Digital and Physical Security. Done.

Our Perry proTECH team of managed network professionals have a long history of helping clients optimize their networks, save money, and protect valuable data from harm.

We focus on providing seamless integration for data storage, predictive analytics and machine learning to automate storage sizes, redundancies and backups for peace of mind, and up-to-the-minute security that keeps your data secure from emerging threats.

Our secure local virtualization solutions protect your infrastructure in the event of a disaster to eliminate damage, data loss, and downtime for the ultimate peace of mind.

And, our Cloud protect physical security system allows you to monitor your brick-and-mortar business from anywhere, anytime. With real-time notifications of suspicious events and live streaming video, our cloud-based security can keep you alert to any physical intrusion.

Get the best of both worlds — protect your physical and digital data with our innovative network management program. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant today to learn more.

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