Open Safely with Controlled Access Systems Like Touchless Hand Sanitizer

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are turning to controlled access systems to protect their staff, clients, and visitors from illness.

Controlled access systems are security devices that control who can enter an environment or facility. Typically, allowed persons are identified via credentials or, in the case of businesses reopening with COVID-19 protections in place, by having followed safety protocols specific to virus prevention.

Those protocols can range from having your temperature taken or wearing a facial covering to having properly sanitized hands.

Proper hand sanitization is a key element in preventing disease transmission and lowering the chances of infection. In fact, proper handwashing can cut the chance of contracting respiratory infections by up to 21%, particularly because most people touch their faces nearly 23 times an hour.

The problem? Most people do not properly wash their hands.

In fact, only 5% of people washed their hands the full 20 seconds — with soap — that it takes to kill germs and viruses. Worse than that, in a study of hand-washing hygiene in public places, it was discovered that up to 15% of people didn’t wash at all, and half of the men and 22% of the women who washed failed to use soap.

Yet, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reinforces that it is particularly important to keep hands clean to prevent viral spread.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer — The Simplest of Controlled Access Systems

You want to reopen your business safely, but you need to ensure there are no slowdowns at entry points and you don’t want to hire more staff to manage entry.

That’s where the touchless hand sanitizer station comes into play. This new technology allows for access control by only opening or unlocking doors once the user has placed their hands in the device, where they have been properly and automatically sanitized.

These low-power devices can be powered by a standard plug, internal batter, or PoE, and are installed with just six screws, integrating effortlessly into your current access control system.

The device dispenses hand sanitizer on the tops and bottoms of hands, ensuring all visitors and employees have properly sanitized hands before entering your facility. They process thirty people every minute to eliminate crowding and holdups at entry points.

Businesses that experience light traffic can opt for the model that processes 2,000 people before it needs to be refilled, while a more robust model can process 25,000 people in between refills, making it perfect for sports and entertainment venues, schools, and other high traffic areas.

Perry proTECH’s Touchless Hand Sanitizers Provide Safe Opening Options for Your Business

At Perry proTECH we discover and curate the latest technologies to help our clients and their businesses stay safe in these unprecedented times.

That is why we have partnered with InfectProtect to bring you the SteriSecure and SteriCrowd models of touchless hand sanitizers that provide simple, safe, secure access control for your business, ensuring that 100% of the people entering your business have clean hands.

This biosecurity product offers two spray nozzles on both top and bottom of the insert to ensure hands are fully coated. Their patent-pending sanitizing solution has been targeted to reduce the spread of infection and disease and has been shown to decrease staff sickness by 80% in one year.

Besides keeping your workplace safer, this kind of decrease in staff illness can save every business over $77K per year in lost productivity.

A simple “traffic light” signal system tells users when their hands are properly sanitized and the green light will allow them through a doorway or turnstile, without the need for additional staff to man the device making it simple and cost-effective to add this device to your post-COVID protocols.

Keep your staff and customers safer with this easy-to-deploy access control device. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and find out how easy it is to install and maintain a touchless hand sanitizer in your place of business.

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