Reducing Cybersecurity Risks for Hybrid Work Environments

Hybrid work offers employers an opportunity to entice workers with flexible work arrangements. However, it comes with some downsides. One of the biggest downsizes is the cybersecurity risk that is elevated in hybrid work. Fortunately, these risks can be mitigated with Managed IT and document management solutions.

The Rise in Remote and Hybrid Work

Employees love hybrid work because of the flexibility it gives them.

Sure, some white-collar workers prefer 100% remote work, perhaps because they don’t like commuting or can concentrate better at home. But many millennials prefer hybrid work.

Hybrid work is a setup where an employee can spend part of the time in the office and part of the time at home. Many millennials like being in the office, because of the community and camaraderie it provides, as well as the sense of connection. They feel the office “face-to-face” improves collaboration.

Yet, these employees may not want to feel chained to their desk. They want flexibility beyond the old 9-to-5 standard.

Remote and hybrid work offices are here to stay but they offer some organizational challenges to business. Remote and hybrid work also engender unique cybersecurity risks such as securing off-site networks.

In some ways, it can be even more challenging to set up systems and workflows for hybrid work situations. In these cases, you not only have the office environment to consider, but the home environment. In 100% remote work, the home office simply needs to be set up and maintained.

Thus, to best benefit from hybrid work, establishing the right IT systems, both at home, and at the office, is critical.

Cybersecurity Risks for Hybrid Work Environments

Remote and hybrid workers can unwittingly add to the cybersecurity risk profile of a company. These risks can include:

  • Insecure Wi-Fi access (including public places like coffee shops)
  • Compromised authentication (leaked passwords)
  • Random document sharing and email collaboration

Making Sure Remote Network Access is Secure

To improve cybersecurity for remote workers, IT departments need to make sure remote network access is secure. The public Wi-Fi network at Starbucks is therefore not going to cut it. Businesses should have protocols and systems in place to require employees to login to business assets via a secure network, perhaps using VPN technologies.

Risks in Document Collaboration and Sharing

Document collaboration and sharing can be where employees inadvertently put the company at great risk. Without a formalized system for collaboration, document sharing can become a hodge podge of disparate efforts.

For example, perhaps one employee tends to attach Word documents to emails while another favors an online file sharing service like WeTransfer for sending documents to team members. Documents can easily get lost and misplaced without any organized systems, and the documents may have an increased risk of “catching” and spreading viruses.

Even under a semi-organized system – say, using Google Docs for document collaboration – cybersecurity may be inadvertently neglected. Documents may end up being shared publicly by accident, which is very easy to do with a free service such as Google Docs.

How Managed IT Services and Document Management Solutions Help Hybrid Work

Managed IT Services and document management solutions can transform hybrid work from a slipshod, jury-rigged mish-mash into an organized solution with sensible workflows.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services involves an expert third-party vendor establishing and managing proper network systems and cybersecurity solutions for business and organizations. Managed IT is ideal for small and growing businesses who may not be able to afford a large in-house IT team – but Managed IT is also utilized by larger companies to supplement an in-house IT department.

With Managed IT, you can get the help you need in setting up the proper secure networking and authentication options for your remote and hybrid workers. For example, your organization might require a VPN for remote access along with multi-factor authentication to reduce password theft.

Document Management Solutions

In addition to Managed IT, document management solutions can be extremely helpful for hybrid work environments. A document management solution is exactly what it sounds like – a system to organize and control document and file sharing, collaboration, and storage. With document management, your remote or hybrid team will have a secure way to work together on documents without having to worry about lost emails, viruses, or inadvertent privacy breaches.

With a customized solution that combines Managed IT Services and document management, companies both large and small can enjoy a streamlined and secure hybrid work environment. Your employees will also appreciate how much more efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use this system is.

 Get Started With Managed IT and Document Management Solutions

Perry proTECH can enhance your hybrid work cybersecurity with robust technology solutions such as Managed IT and document management systems. Our certified technicians and consultants can deploy a customized solution for your hybrid work team. We have extensive experience analyzing business needs to determine how to create productive and secure IT environments for remote and hybrid workers. Our secure document management solutions will help your employees be more productive, while maintaining compliance and privacy. The benefits to your business will be multiple, ranging from measurable improvements in workflows to better peace of mind.

Perry proTECH is a leading provider of Managed IT Services, helping organizations of all sizes improve workflows, enhance productivity, and boost cybersecurity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your hybrid work setup.

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