Security Solutions for Virtual and Physical Environments: Keep Your Business Safe

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. This means that businesses need to be extra vigilant in planning, especially for unforeseen contingencies and security issues. Both network security and physical security need to be at the top of the list when it comes to strategic planning to protect business operations.

Physical Security Challenges and Solutions

Physical security is all about keeping your office or storefront safe from robbers, saboteurs, or any unauthorized entrance or access. In fact, your business may have more to worry about from employees or former employees than a run of the mill criminal. The employees entering after hours may not even mean to do something wrong or illegal – but they could be using up office resources or opening you up for other vulnerabilities.

And, with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, businesses large and small have had to establish robust physical access control systems to make sure that proper pandemic protocols and social distancing guidelines are followed. Health is so important now, that sensors are now a popular option for businesses and organizations that want to keep internal air free from vaping, smoking, and other chemical exposures.

Intrusion Systems and Access Control

Access control is now a health issue – you may need to screen your employees for high temperatures as well as mask compliance. Advanced thermal imaging and access control can help manage the inflow of people into your building. Intrusion systems can also integrate with access systems to shut down important points of entry to avoid further encroachment.

Video Surveillance and Infrastructure

Modern video surveillance isn’t just about taking a video and then letting it sit on a hard drive without any analysis or review. The best video security systems are empowered with next-generation video analytics that support you in pinpointing critical events and making critical decisions. These secure video solutions also offer advanced object detection and high-definition that is enabled through high-efficiency video coding that saves bandwidth.

Network Security for Your Important IT Systems and Data

Physical security is just one half of the security equation. IT and network security implementations need to be solid in order to keep businesses functioning and data secure. Cyberattacks on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are rising with 43% of SMBs targeted with hacking, costing an average of $200,000 to fix once the damage is done.

The last thing your company needs is a hacker to hijack your systems with a ransomware virus or trojan malware program, which could cripple your company and leave your data vulnerable and exposed.

Hardware Infrastructure

Network security is only as good as your hardware infrastructure. One of the first places to start is with the implementation of next-level security hardware. This involves doing a thorough assessment of your existing hardware and devices and looking at areas of vulnerability.

One common problem in regards to security is easily overlooked – and that is your printer fleet. An aging printer fleet is a huge cybersecurity hazard. Many old printers can be easily hijacked by an unscrupulous hacker if the printer is connected to the Internet. This makes it an easy doorway for intrusion to the rest of your network. Managed print services may thus be a part of your security strategy.

Document Management for Security

How you share and work on your digital files can also be a liability or an asset. Files that are sent via plain vanilla email are not secure. They should be collaborated on within a secure cloud solution that offers document management. Document management systems can provide your team – especially your remote workers – a way to securely collaborate on files without risking data breaches.

Integration of Physical and Network Security Systems

In the modern era, physical and network security solutions don’t have to live in separate silos. Integrated systems can give you a birds’ eye view of the entire security posture of your organization, from property monitoring to network security.

The Best in Security Systems for Ohio Businesses

Perry ProTECH is a leading provider of network security solutions and physical security systems, including video surveillance and high-tech access control technologies, as well as intelligent security hardware solutions. With full integration, these network and physical security solutions can work in harmony to keep your business safe from real-world intruders and security threats, as well as internet hackers and spammers.

Perry ProTECH provides network management and physical security solutions to businesses throughout Ohio. Contact us today for a custom solution.

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