Selling or Leasing Real Estate? Let Interactive Whiteboards Supercharge Your Success

The real estate market is in an uproar across the nation as people move away from COVID-ridden urban areas, resulting in bidding wars, the buying of properties sight unseen, and other evolving trends.

Driving these trends is the idea that, for the near future, many people will be invested in a remote work situation, making having a home with an appropriate space for working essential. And, because social distancing is likely to remain the norm for the foreseeable future, having a multipurpose space that allows for exercise and entertainment is also critically important to many current homebuyers.

Still, while interest in both new construction and existing home sites is on the increase, there have been significant changes in the way real estate is bought, sold, and leased — mostly tied to increased safety measures.

These changes include virtual showings and open houses; appointment-only inspections, appraisals, and walk-throughs; remote virtual tours, electronic document delivery and execution; and virtual presentations for prospective clients.

That means real estate agents must find new and innovative ways of not only attracting clients but showcasing prospective properties.

For those agents who want to supercharge their ability to sell or lease more properties in a post-COVID environment, the smart solution is to invest in interactive whiteboard technology.

Interactive Whiteboards — The Brilliant Way to Buy, Sell, and Lease

Today’s savvy real estate agents need a way to recreate an authentic home-buying experience for potential buyers — and give sellers’ homes the exposure they need to sell fast, and at the right price.

That is where the magic of interactive whiteboards helps agents take real estate digital to drive strong results — and revenue.

Let’s look at a few of the many ways interactive whiteboards can assist agents in presentation, education, and sales.

Flexibility and Connection

Interactive whiteboards can communicate through any host computer, even laptops or tablets, to turn your conference room into a virtual showroom. With crisp, clear, high-quality photographic images, you can easily bring any presentation to life with the touch of a button.

Plus, many whiteboards easily integrate with your existing software to make use on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Chrome OS simple and easy to follow. This ease of use reduces strain on agents who may be overwhelmed by the current changes in sales methods.

Secure Messaging and File Exchange

When the time comes to negotiate or finalize an agreement, interactive whiteboards offer unbeatable technology that allows simple annotation and sharing of files for easy editing, review, and archival.

Screens can be shared or mirrored to allow all parties access and work is saved on cloud servers for additional security and peace of mind, simplifying the process and removing barriers to success.

Brilliant Display for Exceptional Marketing

Proper marketing is essential for successful home selling and leasing.

It is hard to beat interactive whiteboard displays that can offer up to 1.07 billion colors in fine detail in panel sizes up to 86” to give your customers a virtual experience they won’t soon forget.

They will be able to take virtual tours, complete with audio if desired, to get an in-depth feel for prospective homes. Navigation is easy and stress-free and there is often unlimited free support and training to ensure agents are proficient with the devices.

Trust Perry proTECH with Your Post-COVID Real Estate Marketing Needs

The real estate market has been impacted by COVID-19. But that doesn’t have to be a detriment to your real estate earnings when you have the power of an interactive whiteboard supporting the efforts of your agents.

Perry proTECH has partnered with industry-leading whiteboard developer OneScreen to bring you the most future-forward technology available today.

The OneScreen system offers options for every budget level and integrates seamlessly with any operating system and most popular software options to bring convenience — and power — to all your real estate education and presentation needs.

From initial contact through the buying, selling, and leasing process, our interactive whiteboards can help your agents navigate evolving market changes with ease, and bring them the safety and convenience of a remote sales or purchase experience.

Set your agency apart from the competition with the powerful advantage of an interactive whiteboard for showings, sales, and conferences. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover which options are right for your agency.

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