Solving Print Security for Remote Teams

The recent hack of 28,000 printers by CyberNews’ ethical hackers to demonstrate the vulnerability of office and home printers to breach drove home a significant point:

To truly secure your data, you must include printers in your cybersecurity program.

While the CyberNews hack simply caused the affected devices to print out a guide to securing printers, a similar hack with malicious intent could expose data across an entire network causing downtime, loss of revenue, and damage to your reputation. In fact, cyberattacks cost companies of all sizes an average of $200,000 per hit — causing many to go out of business completely.

Now, printer vulnerabilities are compounded by the increase in work-from-home (WFH) environments. Not only do remote work teams operate outside of the physical space typically managed by in-house IT and security departments, but there are other factors that make remote printing a greater risk for data security. For example, trending research has revealed that two-thirds of U.K.-based home workers are printing out work-related documents at home, including payroll documents, contract, commercial documents, and meeting notes.

These trends make solving print security for remote teams not only essential, but critical.

Choosing the Right Print Security for Your Remote Teams

With remote work — and remotely located printers — here to stay, it is crucial that IT teams maintain global threat visibility by deploying remote monitoring and threat detection technologies. To secure your company’s print infrastructure across both in-house and remote environments, consider employing the following measures.

  1. Assess Your Complete Print Infrastructure

Your IT team should include remote or home printing alongside in-office printing as part of an assessment to evaluate the cybersecurity of your infrastructure. Seeing your remote printing environment as part of the whole is a critical step forward in securing all elements of your infrastructure.

  1. Choose a Competent Managed Print Services (MPS) Partner

Print management is a key element of a controlled print environment. Choose a managed print services (MPS) partner that has strong partnerships with print industry leaders that emphasize cybersecurity and ensure they have the right technology to secure your remote fleet. Examples include:

  • BIOS protection
  • Pull printing
  • Whitelisting technology capabilities
  • Run-time intrusion detection

Your MPS partner should also be able to offer tracking and auditing of print usage and integration with common business applications.

  1. Educate Employees of Cybersecurity Best Practices for Printing

While many companies offer cybersecurity training that offers guidelines for working on desktop and mobile devices, many overlook printing in their trainings. Keep employees up to date on current print-related cyberthreats and give clear guidance on printing and scanning best practices, including how to securely dispose of confidential printed documents in a remote setting.

  1. Consider Cloud-Based Printing

Cloud-based printing services not only help businesses reduce costs by diverting the burden of on-premises server management and maintenance to your MPS partner, but they enable better tracking and reporting across geographically scattered locations. Cloud services can also integrate with other cybersecurity protections to monitor endpoints and provide stronger overall protection.

Perry proTECH is Your Partner for MPS and Cybersecurity

Your best approach to print security for remote teams should combine robust preventative measures with visibility and policy guidelines that reduce the risk of threats. The continuing shift to remote work environments means businesses need to reduce blind spots in cybersecurity caused by unsecure remote printers to keep data safe and remain in compliance with data privacy regulations.

At Perry proTECH, we partner with leaders in the print and imaging fields to bring you leading-edge cybersecurity and print management that can provide a higher level of data protection to your print infrastructure — regardless of where your devices are located.

Our team of experts will assess your current print infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, then create a custom-designed program that will not only help you protect data, but will also reduce costs and assist your remote team in achieving a higher level of productivity.

Keep your remote team productive and your data safe. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and let our print management experts provide efficient, effective, safe printing for your entire organization.

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