• Tap into the Power of Cloud Services for Your Industry

Tap into the Power of Cloud Services for Your Industry

Companies are focusing more on becoming flexible digital workplaces, largely in response to an increase in customer demand and remote working conditions.

Cloud computing — or enabling networking, storage, data security, servers, and analytics through the Internet — is taking the business world by storm. It’s an ideal way to provide accessibilit to enterprise applications and extend infrastructure without a huge capital expenditure.

In general, there are three choices of cloud service set-ups: public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The public cloud is just like it sounds — a technology that uses public data centers to host information and run applications. A private cloud allows clients to provision bespoke virtual resources on their own data center, making departmental chargebacks for resource consumption a breeze. Finally, the hybrid cloud integrates both public and private clouds, which can allow for more extensive virtualization and data redundancies.

Cloud developers are constantly looking for new ways to integrate cloud technology in business processes that span all industries, making cloud services a smart choice for any company looking to get a competitive advantage.

How Cloud Services Can Benefit Your Business, Regardless of Industry

No matter what industry your business is a part of, cloud services can help increase your network security, optimize your business processes for maximum impact, and provide the level of cost control and transparency that is necessary for business success.

Here are just a few of the industries and sectors in which businesses can achieve a positive competitive advantage through the implementation of cloud computing resources.

Small Businesses

While smalland medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not an “industry,” per se, they can find an enormous advantage using managed services to amplify their ability to compete with larger, more financial agile companies.

Through managed services, SMBs can reap the benefits of cutting-edge technologies at a sensible and predictable monthly rate.


Tight budgets and remote learning situations are handled with ease through cloud services. Besides providing ironclad, built-in data security for processing personal student information, a cloud provides easy access to students and administrators on many devices and from any location.


Cloud services improve provider collaboration and provide security solutions that are compliant with various healthcare regulations, such as HIPAA. Managing electronic medical records (EMRs) and making referrals is simplified through the cloud, while sensitive information is safeguarded through a series of firewalls, state-of-the-art software, continuous monitoring, and redundancies.


For financial services, activities in the cloud can provide scalable computing for constantly changing databases. Besides increasing efficiency to serve customers better and faster, cloud services provide an ultra-low-cost way of storing — and protecting — high volumes of data.


Operational efficiency and the ability to integrate with vendors and other partners is a key aspect of cloud services for the manufacturing industry.

By enabling expanded data analytics through the cloud, modern manufacturers can streamline workflows and keep a close eye on costs by any number of variables, including department and location.


Law firms and other businesses in the legal field handle large quantities of sensitive data. Cloud services provide secure storage that is accessible from any location, any time it is needed. A centralized system is more reliable and efficient than documents stored in various locations, and it eliminates single points of failure for increased reliability.

The Perry proTECH Advantage? Professional Cloud Services for Every Industry

Our Perry proTECH team of cloud services experts have a long history of working with clients from every sector. We work closely with:

  • SMBs
  • Government agencies
  • Educational facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Legal practices
  • Healthcare organizations

Our broad range of experience across these industries has refined and sharpened our team’s depth of knowledge to ensure that you have access to the latest — and most cost-effective — cloud technologies available.

We begin with a complex assessment of your current infrastructure and your evolving needs and business goals to determine which of the many cloud options will serve you best — and most cost-effectively.

Our team then jumps into action, implementing your cloud computing network and deploying all associated features with little or no disruption to your productivity. Finally, we continually manage, update, and troubleshoot to ensure you have the best experience with your new cloud access.

Ready to discover the power of cloud computing?Contact a Perry proTECH consultant today to learn more.

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