The Importance of Automated Supply Replenishment

One of the most frustrating moments in a business environment is running out of toner or ink. Printers that are relied upon for important workflows suddenly can’t perform their most basic function. When this happens, most businesses don’t have the luxury to simply press pause on operations and wait for new ink or toner to show up in the mail. Instead, someone frantically runs to the nearest office supply store, pays the retail markup for a single cartridge, and then gets back to the office to order enough backup stock to last until the next time this scenario happens.

The good news is that the above scenario never has to happen. Automated supply replenishment is an integral part of a strong print management service. With the installation of a monitoring software on the printers, the print management provider can monitor print usage in detail to predict when new cartridges are needed. It sounds like magic but it’s really just detailed data and automation working together to streamline restocking of print supplies.

Automated supply replenishment means supplies are on-hand when needed but the benefits are much deeper than just that.

Streamlined Print Management

Businesses pay their employees to perform a role and complete a specific list of tasks. Most businesses don’t have someone on their payroll who is solely dedicated to monitoring and restocking print supplies. Granted, an office manager may have that task as one of their duties behind a laundry list of other duties. The point is that a dedicated software as part of a print management service can relieve staff of the responsibility of monitoring print supplies which frees up their time to focus on tasks that are likely much more important to the day-to-day operation and success of the business.

Not only can automated supply replenishment help avoid the dreaded scenario outlined above, it can also help make employees more productive overall.

Save Money on Restocking

Automated replenishment from a print management provider can also help save money on ink and toner. It really just comes down to economies of scale. A print management provider that oversees the replenishment for a number of businesses has greater purchasing power than any of those individual businesses alone. As a result, they may often be able to offer a better price on cartridges when compared with buying retail cartridges as-needed.

Spend Print Budget Efficiently

Saving money is one thing, but spending money is another concept entirely. Although, they often do go hand-in-hand. One problem that often arises when businesses manage their own print supplies is that they overstock. These businesses want to avoid running out and, as mentioned above, don’t have someone solely dedicated to restocking print supplies. Ordering enough supplies to last for a long time certainly reduces the chances of running out any time soon.

However, it also means a lot of print budget is tied up at one time in stock that’s just sitting on a shelf. For a small business especially, this is idle money that could have been invested in growing the business. Other issues can also come up around overstocking. If a printer is replaced with a newer model but there are six months of supplies on the shelf that are no longer compatible then that’s essentially money down the drain.

Print management and automated supply replenishment puts emphasis on efficient stocking of supplies which means avoiding running out of supplies without overstocking and overextending the print budget.

Gain Better Cost Certainty

With software installed directly onto printers, businesses can feel confident about their print budget. Supplies are ordered as-needed in the amount that’s needed for the usage of the business. This is in contrast to what many businesses experience which was mentioned above which is periods of low supply often followed by periods of overstocking.

What happens when print supplies are moving in waves like that is that there is no cost certainty around printing. Businesses could go months without spending any money then find that their latest order is hundreds of dollars more than expected. With automated supply replenishment, those budget and supply shocks are smoothed out over time.

Embrace Automation Today

Automated supply replenishment is a simple way for businesses to streamline print supply ordering, save money, and gain control of their print budget. Best of all, it requires less time and effort than the outdated, manual way of ordering and replenishing supplies.To learn more about how to implement automation for print supplies and other benefits of print management, contact the print experts at Perry proTech today.

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