The Importance of Cloud Computing for Public Schools

While some of the government relief funds targeted at education have helped schools stay fiscally afloat, many are still facing significant financial stress. The need to work within strict budgetary guidelines has forced many school administrators to look for inexpensive — yet effective — ways of bringing an enriching learning environment to their students.

By bringing technology into the classroom — whether that classroom is in-person or virtual — teachers can focus on teaching methods that are familiar to students to enhance learning effectiveness and produce results.

Cloud computing is a technology that allows schools to leverage the internet in place of traditional software installations, allowing more flexibility and accessibility and providing a better learning experience for students.

Why You Should Bring Cloud Computing to Your Public School

Instead of spending money and limiting functionality to a local network, today’s schools are leveraging the power and versatility of cloud computing to bring a variety of advantages to students and teachers alike.

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Public Schools

There are a variety of reasons that cloud technology is a growing component of strong educational organizations.

Keeping Control of Costs

First and foremost, it offers a smart way for schools to control costs, as the price of a cloud subscription or pay-as-you-go option is typically less than purchasing software and the technology to implement it.

Providing Flexibility, Versatility, and Convenience

The cloud allows teachers and students to store and access assignments, homework, and even lessons on remote servers so they can work — and learn — wherever there is an internet connection. Group assignments and other collaboration is simple when all parties can connect — even after school hours — without having to find a meeting place, arrange transportation, and carve out extra time for travel.

Saving Money and Encouraging Sustainability

For schools interested in becoming more environmentally friendly and cutting the costs associated with paper, adopting a cloud computing format can help. A typical district with teachers, staff, and 10,000 students will use 28,000,000 sheets of paper every year — about $200,000 worth. Cloud computing reduces reliance on paper, saving money and allowing schools to forego costly textbooks by providing online access.

Better Security and Compliance

Finally, when you deal with a reputable provider of cloud computing services, your school can realize increased security and more effectively manage data privacy and compliance concerns.

How to Incorporate Cloud Computing into Your Education Organization

Cloud computing offers many ways for educational organization to access greater learning flexibility, versatility, and cost savings. Ways to deploy cloud-based systems include:

  • As an additional teaching tool or supplement to current learning strategies
  • As a tool to help students more from Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to better meet the needs of the individual student
  • To reduce the need for infrastructure to support backups including personal backup devices such as USBs
  • To access greater processing power without costly infrastructure changes
  • Go with the model that best serves your budget and needs — infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), or platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Instead of confining the learning experience to the classroom, cloud computing expands schools’ ability to connect, collaborate, and share information both formally and informally.

Perry proTECH Can Help Your School Get Started with Cloud Computing

More schools are turning to cloud computing to maximize resources, increase flexibility and scalability, and keep costs under control. In an unpredictable world where in-person and virtual learning methodologies must exist side-by-side, cloud computing provides the perfect platform to accomplish both.

Perry proTECH partners with leaders in the cloud computing industry to bring you the perfect suite of cloud services. Our IT experts can help you assess your needs and create a cloud environment that allows you to overcome typical challenges faced by educational organizations.

Whether you choose a cloud-only or a hybrid system that dovetails your current infrastructure with a cloud model, our team can ensure you get off to the right start — and keep on thriving with ongoing support and troubleshooting.

Bring the power and convenience of cloud computing to your students and staff today. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our suite of cloud computing services can bring real advantages to your learning environment.

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