The Importance of Right Sizing Your Printer Fleet

Let’s face it — consumers and businesses alike are tightening their belts for what looks like the beginning of the worst monetary tightening episode our nation has seen since the 1970s. In response to this shaky fiscal trend, savvy business executives are looking for ways to preclude the inevitable profit deficit that most industries may face in the coming year. Strategies can range from paring back staffing to consolidating locations, but it most often includes budget cuts at some level.

To get the best out of a budget cutting strategy, experts advise prioritizing initiatives and looking for different ways to maximize the utility of the equipment and talent that you already have. Taking a closer look at day-to-day processes and searching for ways to improve productivity while lowering costs is critical — and your office printer fleet is the perfect place to start.

Office printers are a key workplace need for almost all businesses. But many companies have now switched to a hybrid or remote work environment, or downsized their staff, leaving many of their machines gathering dust in a corner. Right sizing your printer fleet can help you regain flexibility, reduce unnecessary capital expenditures, and consolidate your assets for greater productivity.

How to Get the Optimal Printer Fleet for Your Business Needs

You have many options when it comes to designing the perfectly sized printer fleet. You can downsize, reducing your overall assets; redeploy currently owned assets in a more useful and cost-effective way; or in some cases, add devices to help boost productivity in specific areas of your business. Here’s how to get the most out of your printer fleet:

Start with an Assessment

Getting a comprehensive assessment of your current print infrastructure is the key to determining the right fleet configuration for optimal versatility and return on investment (ROI). An assessment begins with an analysis of printing needs for each department alongside actionable data to determine where — and if — printers are being used appropriately or they are an IT resource drain.

Decide Whether to Downsize or Upgrade

Once you understand the data associated with your current fleet, you will be better able to determine how to use your devices more effectively. You may want to remove some obsolete or disused devices or replace them with fewer devices that feature better technology. For instance, today’s multifunction devices can combine the functions of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing in one small footprint for greater versatility and cost savings. However, if you have many remote employees, you may want to invest in new printers equipped with the latest technology. For example, printers that allows secure printing using cloud services can help improve collaboration and communication in a hybrid or work-from-home environment.

Secure — and Streamline — Your Workflows

There are a lot of new and sophisticated ways printers can help secure your sensitive data and protect your business from cyberthreats. Older printers often lack these features and, in addition, can also be less energy-efficient and less reliable overall. For this reason, your company may consider reconfiguring your printer fleet to ensure that you have the same technology with each device. The strategy of purchasing printers or print devices from a single manufacturer ensures that you have centralized control over access to your printers, regardless of their location within your company — and a more secure and easy-to-manage print workflow.

Perry proTECH Can Help You Design the Perfect Printer Fleet for Your Business

As the economy continues to teeter on the edge, more businesses are looking to strengthen their financial position through smart budgeting and capital allocation strategies. At Perry proTECH, we help our clients get control of their printing budgets and amplify their business productivity quickly and easily.

Our team of print and imaging experts will take a deep dive into your current print infrastructure to analyze how your printer fleet is functioning. Then, we will examine the many options you have to not only increase your scalability and versatility, but to expand your printer fleets functionality and security for robust productivity.

Get expert help creating the perfect, cost-effective printer fleet. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how our team of print and imaging experts can help your business expand productivity while keeping costs low.

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