Three Digital Law Office Tools for Better Efficiency and Security

More and more, the legal industry is pivoting to include digital technologies among their resources for optimized efficiency and increased productivity. Bringing more agile methodologies to the table via a digital transformation is a smart move for most legal teams, resulting in the ability to offer clients a higher level of service while supporting remote work and providing cost savings.

While many lawyers worry about things going awry during the process of data conversion or the learning curve that naturally results from a change in procedures, there are three tried-and-true technologies that can pave the way to a smoother transition to a digital law office. These tools include document management, scanning, and scanning services.

Three Must-Have Tools for Your Transformation to a Digital Law Office

The end goals of a digital transformation for legal professionals should be to streamline work processes while safeguarding data and increasing document security. This process begins with the transferring of your data from a physical to a digital form. The following tools help promote a smooth transition, whether it is moving previously digitized data from one case management software platform to another or whether it is taking raw data in document form and digitizing it.

Document Conversion Using In-House Scanners

If you want to have full control over your digitization process, you may want to consider purchasing a production-level multi-function printer (MFP). An MFP will include a scanner that can produce high-quality scanned documents and one that includes an automatic document feeder can reduce the amount of time it takes to feed pages. The drawback? It often takes a lot of time if you are scanning a high quantity of documents. A stand-alone scanner is another option. They are easy to use, and you can combine them with scanning applications that can assist in the digitization process. However, this still represents a significant time investment on the part of your administrative team.

Document Conversion Using Scanning Services

Often considered as part of the document management process, outsourcing your scanning needs to a reputable third-party partner can be the right choice for a speedy transformation. Called “document capture” these scanning services provide legal times with fast, accurate, secure scanning of bulk documents. Once scanned, these documents are ready to be indexed and accessed through your chosen document management solution (DMS).

Document Management and Automation

Proper management and automation of documents is the keystone to increased efficiency, productivity, and security in your legal office. Not only can document automation save time, but it can also improve your ability to properly serve your clientele. Automated documents can be generated for legal team review, shared with external providers, generated for use in the court system, and provided to clients via a self-service portal.

Document management, on the other hand, allows critical information to be securely accessed by your legal team using any indexing formula that makes sense for your business needs and goals. Key words, case numbers, dates, and case types are all examples of ways to organize data for efficient access. Your document management solution partner will provide data security to further protect sensitive information. This includes access controls, remote monitoring for suspicious activity, and other features depending on the DMS platform you choose.

Perry proTECH Can Help Your Firm Go Digital — The Easy Way

Today’s law firms are rapidly adopting a more digital stance when it comes to processing and securing documents and information. Digitizing documents and placing them in a document management system is a smart way to increase your firm’s level of service, efficiency, and productivity while keeping client information safer.

At Perry proTECH, our Document Management specialists can help you decide the best, most cost-effective way to take your law firm to the next level of transformation. We can assess your current infrastructure, needs, and goals and help you choose the right method of moving your information from a paper-based to digital format. Then, we’ll use our wide range of technologies and tools to create the perfect document management platform for your needs and budget.

Go digital the easy way.  Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our document management solutions and technologies can help your firm organize, access, and protect the information you need.

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