Trends Poised to Impact Commercial Printing in 2023

The commercial printing industry has been through a lot in 2022. From supply chain disruptions to labor shortages and changes in regulatory and tax policies, there has been a great deal of turmoil that has made it more difficult for commercial printers to gain a strong financial foothold. Naturally, this has caused thought leaders in the industry to take a closer look at trends impacting commercial printing in 2023 to get a jump on strategies to make the new year more productive — and profitable.

In general, printing companies will need to continue to concentrate on evolving their business strategies in 2023 to keep consumer satisfaction — and their revenues — on target. This article addresses several trends that we think deserve a close look.

Step Up Your Commercial Printing Game in 2023 By Keeping an Eye on These Trends

With more than 25,000 companies specializing in the business of commercial printing business, there is a lot of competition in the market. Fortunately, there are a lot of new capabilities and technologies that are making the industry more lucrative than ever — as long as your company knows how to take advantage of these trends. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ones most likely to impact your company in 2023:

The Increasing Importance of Cybersecurity

Most businesses that focus on technology or are adopting a more digital profile have seen cybersecurity concerns grow over the past few years. But now, customers are demanding that companies keep their data protected. Today’s customers are more sophisticated than ever — in fact, 75% consider that they know how to protect themselves from cyberthreats. If your printing business handles sensitive, personal, or proprietary information, you will need to offer protection against data theft and loss.

Doing so can be easier if you can get access to the deep knowledge necessary to stay ahead of evolving threats. Consider partnering with a third party managed service provider that has expertise in cybersecurity. These companies typically have the resources needed to provide both high level knowledge and leading-edge technologies that can keep your — and your clients’ — data safe.

More Workflow Digitization

Digitization helps to streamline printing workflows which, in turn, helps you to serve customers better and faster. If users can scan and store documents safely and efficiently, then the printing process can be further optimized for better customer satisfaction. Document management programs, automated services, and other technologies can assist your business in providing a smoother, more intuitive experience.

An Emphasis on Sustainability

More than a third of customers around the world want to work with companies that emphasize sustainable practices in their day-to-day activities. And 85% of consumers have moved to a “greener” way of managing their purchases, actively searching for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. For commercial printers, this means looking for ways to improve your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) profile by adopting sustainable initiatives — or working with partners who do so.

Some strategies to consider include:

  • Using remanufactured print and toner cartridges
  • Using eco-friendly inks and toners
  • Sourcing recycled paper
  • Choosing print devices from a parent company that engages in sustainable practices

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also partner with third party vendors who have a strong sustainability practice.

How Perry proTECH Can Help Your Commercial Printing Operation Crush It in 2023

The time to prepare for the new year is — right now. By taking a proactive stance toward the trends we have outlined above, your commercial printing business can be poised to take on the competition — and score higher revenues — come 2023.

At Perry proTECH, we offer a full spectrum of services and products that can help revolutionize the way you approach your commercial printing business. From automation through document and print management solutions to the creation of a strong cybersecurity strategy, our team can help you position your business for success. Above all, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art printing solutions that will help you provide a higher quality end product to customers, while streamlining work processes to strengthen your efficiency and productivity.

Be a trendsetter in 2023. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and get access to the expertise — and technologies — you need to meet or exceed your revenue goals in the new year.

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