Using a Wireless Mesh Network to Keep Your Printers Fully Functioning

Remote work and a hybrid in-office/work-from-home environment have become the hallmarks of the changing face of business as the coronavirus pandemic continues to push the boundaries of the global economy.

In fact, it is predicted that up to 30% of the total workforce will be taking advantage of a remote work situation several days each week by the close of 2021.

Even before the pandemic, nearly 80% of employees wished they could work remotely for some portion of their workweek, and up to a third would even consider less pay if they could work from home.

With those compelling numbers, it is pretty much certain that the work from home economy is going to continue, even beyond the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

That leaves businesses in a tricky position.

While remote employees have been found to be at least as productive — if not more so — than their in-office peers, they need the proper technology in order to work to their highest potential.

At the crux of the problem for at-home workers is weak Wi-Fi signals that do not provide enough bandwidth to perform essential tasks like connecting with other staff via video conferencing or sending, receiving, or printing data.

Interestingly, some brick-and-mortar offices experience the same issue, leaving staff stranded when it comes to having a functioning print device close by.

The answer? Mesh networks.

Why a Mesh Network May Just Be Critical for Your Remote Staff or Your Small Business

As we mentioned, it isn’t just the work from the home crowd that has issues with bandwidth.

Some small businesses suffer from pockets of office space that just don’t get as good a reception as others, limiting the areas in which printers can be placed.

Lack of printers in high-volume work areas means staff have to spend valuable time finding a working machine, cutting down on productivity.

With a mesh network of printers, you can resolve the problem of Wi-Fi “dead zones” and ensure your office technology is deployed — and functioning — right where you need it to be.

How the Mesh Works

A mesh networking solution places nodes — essentially routers — in strategic areas in a home or office. Each node communicates with the other nodes — one of which functions as a gateway to the internet via your modem.

In this way, the nodes are able to spread strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout your office space or home so that you can have high quality signals wherever you need them.

Using Mesh with Your Existing Equipment

Remote workers can duplicate a mesh environment in their homes using Wi-Fi extender systems.

For office use, you can add new, wireless functionality to your current infrastructure using a mesh network to allow you to place equipment exactly where it is needed most.

All you need is one device with a good Wi-Fi signal, and you will have the ability to send a strong, operable signal to any location in your office.

Having a mesh network in place means you can put your printers close to where you staff use them to reduce back-and-forth travel to remotely located machines, increase overall productivity, and reduce staff frustration.

Perry proTECH Can Help You Expand Your Network

Perry proTECH understands how difficult it can be to take care of business when you are bogged down with an unsatisfactory Wi-Fi signal.

And, if replacing your entire network isn’t in your budget this year, that sluggish signal can really impair your company’s ability to get things done.

Now, there is a fast, easy, cost-effective way to correct your Wi-Fi woes and gain wireless functionality throughout your office space — without having to invest in an entirely new infrastructure.

Our network management experts can create and install a mesh networking system that will perfectly dovetail with existing infrastructure.

All you need is a single printer in an area with good signal and you can get the versatility and power you need to place your print devices where they will bring the most benefit to your staff or customers.

Don’t let iffy Wi-Fi keep you from giving your staff the equipment they need — where they need it. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how easy it is to get wireless print functionality throughout your office.

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