Warehouse Asset Protection with Thermal Scanners

As a warehouse owner or manufacturer, your business’ life blood is held in your storage facilities as physical assets. And while in-transit thefts are on the wane, thefts and break-ins concerning warehouses and other holding facilities continues to grow worldwide, possibly as a response to the stockpiling of goods that has been the hallmark of the ongoing pandemic.

Besides the goods you hold in storage, your employees are another important asset — one that is critical for business continuity and continuing profitability. As the epidemic continues to affect peoples’ health, smart businesses are looking for better ways to keep their staff protected and stem the spread of viral illness in the workplace.

Fortunately, warehouses have two cost-effective, easy to deploy technologies that can help protect both their valuable merchandise and their employees — thermal scanners and thermal cameras.

How to Protect Your Warehouse Assets with Thermal Scanners and Cameras

Protecting your warehouse assets with thermal scanners and cameras is a smart way to reduce the chance of theft and ensure that productivity will not decline due to lost work hours due to illness.

Let’s take a look at each issue independently:

Thermal Cameras to Protect Warehouse Assets

While warehouse theft is certainly rampant, there are other reasons a thermal camera might be a smart addition to your security lineup. For example, a fire can destroy an entire facility in a short amount of time, leading to loss of goods and potentially loss of life.

Typical causes of fires in warehouses include:

  • Trash
  • Heating and electrical equipment
  • Combustible liquids/flammable materials
  • Fires related to cigarettes
  • Automated storage retrieval systems

Thermal cameras can provide protection from both theft and fire — and give you an advantage of traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in that they produce a clear image even when the area is obscured by smoke or low light. Importantly, they can detect hot spots in a facility before a fire breaks out, allowing personnel to remove the danger and prevent damage and loss.

Thermal imaging cameras allow security personnel to see hot spots — including body heat from intruders — even in a “lights out” situation where the warehouse is completely dark.

Thermal Scanners to Protect Employees

Fully automated temperature scanning kiosks can help lower the risk of viral spread by identifying staff that have fevers. These contactless kiosks do not require additional staff to man them and they process staff and visitors quickly to remove bottlenecks at entry points.

Many come with facial recognition technology to bring strong access control and security to your warehouse, and some will also detect the wearing of facial coverings to ensure employees comply, if mask wearing is considered company policy.

Public health experts point to these scanning systems as one of the tools that are becoming the norm as businesses — and our economy — gets back to work. And as more areas relax public lockdowns, fever checks are becoming more common as companies seek to protect staff and visitors, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and reducing risks overall.

Perry proTECH Has the Technology You Need to Protect Assets Properly

At Perry proTECH we take security seriously. That is why we have developed strong partnerships with leaders in the fields of thermal scanning, thermal cameras, and physical and digital security to bring you a full spectrum of tools to secure your assets.

From intelligent sensors to state-of-the-art cameras and surveillance systems, our team of security professionals has curated the most current technologies available to help ensure your warehouse — and your employees — are as secure as possible.

Our range of advanced technologies, including the innovative FLIR thermal cameras, can monitor, protect, and provide the kind of security you need in a world where threats are constantly evolving.

Protect your warehouse assets with advanced technology. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our wide range of security solutions can keep your warehouse safer than ever.

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