What the Cybersecurity Job Shortfall Means for Your Business

Job openings in the cybersecurity industry are growing, increasing by over 29% in just the last year. Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, the tech talent pool was in short supply, but new demands for work-from-home or hybrid work environments have increased the demand for a variety of positions from network engineers to vulnerability testers and cybersecurity analysts. Unsurprisingly, cybercriminals have taken advantage of this shortage in the workforce by escalating attacks. In fact, the White House released an overarching statement in March 2022, outlining what businesses should do to stay protected against a predicted increase in cyberthreats.

The cybersecurity job shortfall is ominous for every business, but worse for those smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to offer the pay level that can attract leading-edge talent. Organizations from small businesses to civilian public agencies are at a great disadvantage, cybersecurity-wise, if they do not have a strong in-house IT team that can focus on cyberthreats. Even the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is on the prowl for new talent, offering a salary of up to $255,800 for federal cybersecurity positions. Smaller public organizations simply can’t match that type of wage.

With their skills in high demand, most cybersecurity-savvy tech professionals can move from company to company with ease and demand higher pay, flexible hours, and other perks in return for employment, making it even more difficult for businesses to get access to workers with the right mix of skills.

Meeting the Cybersecurity Job Shortfall Head On

The global shortage of cybersecurity talent is about 2.7 million workers — and rising. To attract the right talent, you must be willing and able to offer a substantially higher rate of pay or offer better benefits than your competition — and larger enterprises. This is typically out of reach for most smaller organizations and even some mid-level enterprises. Fortunately, there is a simple answer to this dilemma — partnering with a provider that offers Managed IT services, including cybersecurity.

Firms that specialize in Managed IT do have the resources it takes to attract talent with leading-edge skills and knowledge because that is the focus of their business. For that reason, their IT staff is typically up to date with techniques and technologies that can protect against emerging threats and keep your data safer. Other advantages include:

Freeing Up In-House Staff

A Managed IT partner can act as your IT staff if you don’t have an in-house department. But if you do, your managed services provider (MSP) can take care of cybersecurity tasks so that your in-house staff can focus on more mission-critical and revenue-producing objectives.

Around the Clock Protection

Your MSP will be able to deploy cybersecurity initiatives that protect your data around the clock, including remote monitoring, intrusion detection, and identity and access solutions. In this way, you can manage your vulnerability across platforms (both on-premises and remote) 24/7.

Increased Compliance

Data privacy regulations and laws are always in flux, making compliance a confusing and difficult to manage task. A competent MSP can provide timely, on-point, secure technology to protect your organization against current and evolving threats while maintaining compliance with any and all pertinent regulations.

Additionally, an MSP is an innately cost-effective solution. Your company pays a predictable monthly rate that is easy to budget and receives the high-level knowledge and resources you need to stay secure in an ever-changing landscape of threat.

Perry proTECH is the Answer to Your Cybersecurity Needs

Whether your business has been struggling with finding good IT talent or simply doesn’t have the resources to even consider building an in-house IT team, we have good news. Our team of IT experts at Perry proTECH is ready and able to assist.

We can provide as much assistance as you require — from an initial assessment of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to the design, installation, and maintenance of a targeted cybersecurity strategy that will keep your company’s data protected. We are a full-service Managed IT provider, meaning you have access to a full complement of resources to help build and protect a resilient, adaptable, and scalable infrastructure that is custom-tailored to your business needs.

Don’t let the cybersecurity job shortfall affect the integrity of your business data. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discuss how our cybersecurity experts can keep your organization protected.

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