Why Collaboration — and Document Management — Matters to Your Company’s Productivity

The shift to remote work environments is still evolving — and the tech industry is continuing to pave the way for more innovations that will enhance the employee experience and bring amplified productivity within reach. Supporting employee creativity and communication is the perfect way to enhance the kind of collaboration that unlocks the full potential of remote and on-location work activities.

What kind of collaboration are we talking about? The kind that transcends meetings and emails and brings employees together through data and organization. The kind that help employees stop wasting at least a quarter of their time looking for pertinent information to keep their projects moving forward. The kind that can skyrocket productivity and help remotely located teams communicate efficiently and effectively, transcending time zones and geographic barriers.

How Tools Like Document Management Can Help Expand Your Company’s Collaborative Efforts

Investing in tools that help employees collaborate on ideas and projects, even if they are not physically in the same space is a critical element of modern business success. An open line of communication fosters creative solutions that, in turn, create an enhance customer experience for better profitability.

But the employee experience is important as well, and a higher level of job satisfaction often leads to greater productivity — and higher sales numbers. Here are three quantifiable benefits your business can receive when you focus on tools that promote collaboration.

  1. Collaborative Tools Offer Increased Efficiency

Tools that encourage teamwork and sharing can help keep team members engaged with one another — and on critical projects — even if they are working in geographically scattered locations. IT service management software (ITSM) can help employees escalate issues and share information about specific IT problems to quickly resolve work slowdowns.

  1. Automation Tools Provide Maximum Collaborative Benefits

Automation powers collaboration by making data instantly available to all members of a team for real-time editing and sharing. In fact, automated workflows can streamline the collaboration process by providing instant information about project status, ongoing needs, and critical touchpoints.

Document management software (DMS) allow employees to create, edit, share, and archive mission-critical documents while keeping data safe. Remote employees can connect with in-house or other remote colleagues over shareable, easily searchable document databases that puts powerful data at their fingertips, regardless of physical location.

  1. Foster Deeper Connection with Video Collaboration

Finally, human assets are still critical for the collaborative process. Connecting your team, at least occasionally, through vide conferencing technology can help your team feel seen and heard — even if they are working remotely. In fact, 87% of teams says they are more connected to colleagues when they participate in video chats and conferencing.

Since a more connected team is a more cohesive one, added video conferencing tools and tech to your collaboration toolbox is a smart move for just about any business. Regular, organized video meetings as well as impromptu connections can help drive productivity and keep team members on track on projects, proposals, and critical tasks.

Trust Perry proTECH for Your Collaborative Needs

Every business has specific needs, goals, and challenges when it comes to keeping their team members communicating, collaborating, and producing the kind of results that drives revenue and profitability. At Perry proTECH, we offer industry leading technologies that can help take your business to the next level when it comes to collaboration and productivity — and we can tailor them to suit the individual needs of your business.

Our document management software solutions can revolutionize your workflows and business processes — especially if your business has little or no in-house IT assistance. Digitizing documents can help promote better cybersecurity and provide instant access to critical information for team members — no matter where they are located.

In addition to these benefits, our document management solutions reduce downtime and provide strong backup and recovery options to keep you protected in the event of a cyberattack or data theft or loss. And of course, we also offer full-scale video conferencing with low-cost voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) options to bring the power of in-person communications home to even the smallest of businesses — and budgets.

Get access to automation tools that will amplify your team’s collaborative efforts — and your revenues. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and explore our wide selection of document management and video conference tech and tools.

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