Why Cybersecurity is an Important Small Business Strategy

Hackers are inherently lazy. They are opportunists. That is why they sometimes overlook big businesses and government organizations and concentrate their efforts on the low-hanging fruit — small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs do have assets in the form of money and data, and they typically invest less in cybersecurity defenses — making them lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

And yet, over half of small businesses surveyed said that they were not concerned about cyberattacks occurring in the next year and a majority felt that they could quickly resolve any issues surrounding a data breach. Unfortunately, that is wishful thinking. Over three quarters of U.S.-based SMBs recorded a digital attack during 2019 and that number is on the rise as hackers continue to evolve new methodologies for data extraction and compromise.

Cybersecurity Strategies to Help Protect Your SMB

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the most commonly reported fraud is the theft of digital information. As more small businesses leverage the power of technologies that foster connectivity and enhance convenience, the threat of cyberattack is magnified.

To protect against cyberattacks and keep your business’ data assets safe, consider adding one or more of the following strategies to your cyber security portfolio:

  1. Tap into the Cloud

Many small businesses love cloud-based infrastructure for its ability to amplify organizational efficiency in a cost-effective manner. But not all cloud-based systems are as secure as they should be. Make sure you only consider cloud-based applications that contain built-in safeguards such as firewalls, remote monitoring, and other security features to ensure the highest level of threat detection and prevention possible.

  1. Keep Your Network Covered

Ensuring that your devices and data are protected from unauthorized use — or misuse — is a critical component of any strong cyber security strategy. Protections can range from basic steps such as creating a strong password for your Wi-Fi network and creating multi-factor authorization for access to data to anticipating and guarding against specific cyber threats as well as internal threats.

  1. Stay on Top of Upgrades and Updates

Regularly updating tech tools is a smart way to ensure that your data remains safe. When software developers find a weakness or vulnerability in their programs, they typically issue a patch to resolve the issue. But for this to work, the patch must be installed immediately on your network. The same goes for hardware. Upgrades and updates are a key component of a strong and secure hardware and software environment.

  1. Data Backups and Recovery Plans

Smart cybersecurity strategies always include having redundant backups, typically over several locations — either in the cloud or in-house. Accompanying these backups should be a strong and actionable disaster recovery plan that will immediately go into action upon the event of data breach or other theft or loss to foster business continuity and faster return to normal.

  1. Access Control and Segmentation

Limiting employee access to specific data or systems is a wise way to maintain tight control and foil potential inside threats or those that originate from a compromised account. Together with controlling access comes the need to educate employees on proper cyber hygiene and on evolving cyber threats. Make sure you provide regular, comprehensive trainings on typical hacker methodologies such as phishing and social engineering, and touch on topics such as how to create strong password credentials and other security protocols.


Trust Perry proTECH for All Your Cybersecurity Needs

Hackers are getting more sophisticated with each passing year, and all businesses — large or small — must develop strong cyber security strategies to stay ahead of evolving threats. Our cybersecurity team at Perry proTECH has decades of experience keeping our clients’ data safe from harm and their mission-critical business processes running, even when disaster strikes.

Our security specialists have curated a suite of leading-edge cyber security products that offer the widest variety of protection and control over both virtual and physical environments. And, with our Managed IT services program, we ensure that your hardware and software are always up to date with the latest security patches and protocols for optimum protection against threats. Our team provides remote monitoring to help detect and prevent breaches and creates effective, comprehensive disaster recovery plans to help keep business moving forward in the event of a cyberattack.

Implement a business-saving cybersecurity strategy today. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and learn how our suite of cybersecurity solutions can help your business stay safer as cyberattacks continue to rise.

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