Why Physical Security Still Matters in Our Digital World

When people think of information security, they don’t often correlate it with physical security. Instead, they hyper-focus on security countermeasures rooted in technology such as software to prevent cyberattacks. While these tools are certainly an important part of securing your company’s data and sensitive information, they are by no means a failsafe.

For example, if an attacker were able to gain physical access to your premises, they could easily steal USB drives, personal devices, flash drives, key cards, and other credentials to give them further access or that contain pieces of valuable information already. To protect your organization’s assets you must considered a comprehensive security plan with multiple layers — including physical security and surveillance — in order to keep attackers from reaching their objective.

Focus on Physical Security: How to Keep Your Assets Safer

Information and credentials are assets that need protecting, but your employees and your customers also need to be safeguarded. Physical security tools such as leading-edge video cameras, surveillance equipment, and other technical and physical controls can do both.

  1. The Importance of Layers

The more layers of security — both IT and physical — you have, the more protected your assets are. Criminals typically target “low-hanging fruit” — those objectives that are easy to attain, rather than take the risk and/or exert the effort to bypass a series of security features. Smart physical security plans include a number of protections, which can include:

  • Badges and keycards
  • Safe locks with keys
  • Intrusion detectors
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Guards
  • RFID tags
  • Fences
  • Motion detectors
  • Sensors to detect chemicals, air quality, vaping, etc.
  • Video cameras

Protections begin with your perimeter and can work inward, securing specific areas of your facility or allowing you to manage access for various employees and visitors.

  1. The Need for Targeted Access Control

Your building’s public entry is a good place to deploy an access control system. Today’s smart systems are physical controls that can be integrated seamlessly into your IT infrastructure to provide exceptional control over physical access. Administrators can control wireless locks with the touch of a button, get video verification of activity at entryways, and manage visitors without having to be physically present.

With the advent of the coronavirus epidemic, some businesses are using thermal imaging scanners as part of their access control systems to measure skin surface temperature of visitors and allow — or deny — access based on whether or not a fever is present. This feature provides additional peace of mind for both employees and customers as new health and safety guidelines continue to evolve.

  1. Physical Security — Connected

If you have several areas that you must secure, or many facilities under your purview, you will want to streamline your physical security using a cloud-based surveillance system. Such systems allow you to manage physical security for any number of facilities remotely — even from a phone or tablet. These smart systems allow you to monitor live video streams from your security cameras and they provide real-time notifications of suspicious activity through emails or texts.

Finally, many cloud-based security systems can help you to scale your physical security needs as your business evolves, without the need for in-house IT personnel to handle installation and maintenance.

Trust Perry proTECH for All Your Integrated Security Needs

Today’s smart businesses understand that it is a mix of both physical and digital security protocols that is the key to developing a comprehensive security platform. Cybercrime has long been on the increase, but physical attacks that resulted in data breaches affected 943,000 people in 2020 and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly organized, discovering new ways to access digital assets by blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

At Perry proTECH we not only have IT and physical security experts on hand with leading-edge knowledge, but we also offer comprehensive security solutions to our clients that successfully bridge the gap between physical and digital protection. From physical security tools like cameras and video surveillance to cloud-based security and access control systems that dovetail with your current IT infrastructure, we have everything you need for to secure both your data and your physical assets.

Get the comprehensive security your business needs to stay truly safe. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how our complete and custom security solutions can protect both your physical and digital assets.

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