Why Print Marketing (Still) Works for Real Estate

Like every industry, the world of real estate is struggling to get a grasp on what success looks like in a post-pandemic economy.

A new shift to remote working combined with an ongoing push by consumers for more contactless options has real estate businesses moving toward a digital transformation to keep pace with trends.

Agents are focusing on digital marketing channels to spur growth and wrestling with expanding technological tools to get a foothold in their individual markets. And yet, there is one tried-and-true marketing mechanism that still serves up results for those in the housing market — print marketing.

The most successful real estate agents recognize the significant impact print marketing has on real estate sales, so they are sure to include it in a multi-channel marketing approach that works.

Making Sure Your Print Marketing is Hitting the Target

Let’s face it: Not everyone is tech-savvy and many people still like something they can hold in their hands when doing research. In fact, people are far better at remembering something that they can touch and see versus something they simply hear.

And direct mail? It outpaces digital by a landslide, chalking up a whopping 4.9% to 9% response rate compared to digital channels’ relatively weak 0.77% to 1.3% showing.

But how will you know for sure if your print marketing campaign is hitting the target? It’s a surprisingly simple two-step process. First, understand the various tools you can deploy using print, and then analyze the data.

Print Offers a Wide Variety of Tools

There are many ways to reach potential buyers and sellers with print. Brochures, flyers, postcards, even catalogs of potential homes can each be a catalyst for action.

In general, there are three channels that most print marketers use to garner results:

  • Direct mail, which motivates your target audience to act immediately,
  • A catalog, which is meant to create desire — as for a new home or the profit from selling a current home,
  • Retargeting postcards to bring the right home to the right person at the right time.

In fact, ensuring that your contacts can find you wherever they are through direct mail, email, and social media creates more of an impetus surrounding your brand when they have reached a decision regarding real estate.

And don’t forget business cards and marketing collateral such as buyers’ and sellers’ guides that can position you in front of potential clients as they move through their real estate journey.

Measuring Results of Your Print Marketing

In an increasingly digital world with its overlapping marketing channels, it may seem daunting to separate print marketing results from their digital cousins to get a handle on your return on investment (ROI).

However, there are several innovative ways to track the effectiveness of, say, a direct mail campaign:

  • You can use a trackable URL or phone number of the mail piece and combine both worlds — digital and print — for amplified results.
  • Exclusive coupons or discounts on a direct mail piece to be redeemed online or in personal can track results. If you vary coupon codes by geographic area or demographics, you can take an even deeper dive into results.
  • You can embed a QR code into your printed piece to record the number of people who scanned the code and the number of people who took the next step after code scanning.
  • Check out the old-school business reply card and incentivize it with discounts or rewards if they send it back.

To measure the overall effectiveness, look carefully at the response rate; the cost per action (total cost of the campaign divided by actions taken); the customer acquisition costs (the cost of the campaign, fulfillment, and follow-up time to gain a customer); and your return on investment (the net revenue earned after associated costs are subtracted.)

Perry proTECH — Helping You Amplify Your Print Marketing Results

At Perry proTECH, we want to make it as easy as possible for our real estate clients to gain traction in their markets using the power of print marketing.

That’s why we have curated a wide variety of multifunction printers (MFPs) and wide-format and production printers to put the effectiveness of print at your fingertips. Having one of these high-powered printers in your office allows you incredible control over your marketing collateral — giving you the ability to change tactics on a dime, an important feature as properties come and go.

An in-house printer also gives you greater control over branding, so you can ensure your materials are consistent across all platforms. Increased control reduces the possibility of costly errors on print materials and provides additional flexibility and cost effectiveness to boot.

Take your print marketing in-house for amplified results. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and discover how our wide range of state-of-the-art print technology can help your print marketing stand out from the crowd.

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