Why Scalability Matters and How Managed IT Can Help You Achieve It

If you are in business, you are focused on achieving increased revenue, profits, and encouraging the growth of your business. One way to achieve these goals is to adopt a business strategy that concentrates on scalability. Scalability is the ease with which your company can evolve and adapt to changes over a period of time. When considering a scalable strategy, business managers typically look at the entire enterprise, from supply chain and distribution channels to specialized equipment and even customer relationship management.

But here’s the key to scalability: A business must be able to achieve this expansion and growth while maintaining operational efficiency. That might seem like a daunting task, especially if your business is a small or medium-sized business (SMB) or a startup. But actually, there is a smart and cost-effective solution for enterprises of all size that helps apply the principles of scalability while conserving valuable resources for mission-critical tasks. The answer? Partnering with a Managed IT provider.

How Your Managed IT Partner Assists with Business Scalability

Outsourcing business operations is a smart move, especially in the realm of IT management. IT is always evolving, so having the expertise of talent with deep knowledge of emerging trends is critical for success. But having the monetary resources to hire this level of staff is out of reach for many companies and those that can afford to hire in-house IT help often find the workload outpaces staffing as your business grows, inhibiting scalability and draining resources.

Partnering with a managed services provider overcomes these factors and offers:

Lower, More Manageable Costs

When you outsource your IT needs you only pay for the technology and services you use, so your costs will likely be more manageable. For example, a scalable software service allows you to pay for only the features you will use rather than the entire package. However, the expanded package with all itinerant resources would be available to your business as it grows and develops. This scenario is typical of many software-based IT services such as cloud-based computing where you subscribe to a specific set of features or membership levels on an as-needed basis.

Better Flexibility, Outstanding Control

In a typical setting, when you have a large-scale IT project that you wish to implement, you will need to outlay a significant capital investment to purchase infrastructure. However, this can expose your company to a significant financial risk, particularly if your company does not expand as quickly as you had expected, leaving you with a costly infrastructure that is being only partially utilized.

When you partner with Managed IT professionals, you don’t have to make a large up-front investment. Instead, your MSP will work with you to determine what systems and software you currently need and leave room for expansion later. You only pay for what you currently use, and typically that is calculated as a recurring, reliable monthly payment so there are no billing surprises, even if there are unexpected service calls or maintenance requirements.

Importantly, this strategy works with growing businesses, and those that must temporarily reduce size and staffing, as often happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. With scalable IT, it is easy to reduce features or access on an as-needed basis without penalty to protect assets during trying times.

Consider Perry proTECH for Your Managed IT Needs

Many small- and medium-sized businesses struggle with adopting a scalable IT platform. After all, your IT infrastructure is typically very complex. A complete system can include such diverse endpoint elements as PCs, tablets, smartphones, printers, copiers, scanners, phone systems and more. It can encompass hardware such as servers and routers and software such as cloud computing, business applications, and print and document management software. Putting it all together in a cost-effective, scalable manner can be overwhelming.

At Perry proTECH, we have a team of Managed IT professionals that have in-depth knowledge of current and emerging IT trends and technologies. This deep knowledge allows us to expertly assess your current IT infrastructure and needs and create a smart, cost-effective, scalable environment for your business to help you grow efficiently — and profitably.

Choose the Managed IT partners that understand scalability. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and find out how we can help your company gain cost-effective access to the IT you need.

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